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Most Important Whatsapp Tricks and Tips {2021}

Most Important Whatsapp Tricks and Tips {2021}
Most Important Whatsapp Tricks and Tips {2021}

WhatsApp is an American platform. Whatsapp is launched in 2009. It is a famous and amazing application and the fastest-growing application in the world. It is used to send videos, voice, images, and locations, almost everyone using WhatsApp. The most important Whatsapp tricks and tips are listed below for you.

10 Most Important Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

In this blog, we are discussing the 10 most important Whatsapp tricks and tips every day.

1-Background Wallpaper In Whatsapp Chat Screen

In this function, you can change your WhatsApp chat wallpaper on your choice put your favorite picture in the wallpaper, default, and no wallpaper by using the below setting:

Andriod user: Setting ➟ Chat ➟Wallpaper Chat ➟ Choose your picture or solid different colors, Default no colors

iOS: Setting ➟ Chat ➟Wallpaper Chat ➟ Choose your favorite image and different solid RGB colors.

2-Person Face ID to Unlock The Whatsapp

The most privacy function in iOS users the WhatsApp has required the face id and the open the WhatsApp chats and even your phone is already unlocked but others person did not permit open and seen your chat history and everything.

You can put your face id and open the application, this is the most important WhatsApp trick and tip in daily life you can use it.

3-Turn Off the Last Seen History In WhatsApp

You can turn off your WhatsApp last seen, if you don’t want to see everybody when you are online, remember when you use this feature then you are also not able to see anyone’s online status.

You go in the setting ➟ Account ➟Privacy ➟ Switch of the last seen, then nobody can see your last seen on WhatsApp.

4- Bluetick Hide In Whatsapp

The bluetick is putting you in problems when you saw someone’s message in WhatsApp and do not reply on time, and sender sees this you can see her message and not reply, so better you have to turn off your Blueticks feature.

Andriod & iOs users: Setting ➟ Account ➟ Privacy ➟ Turn off Read Receipts.

5-Your Whatsapp Data Reports View and Download

If you want to check and download the data history report of your WhatsApp it’s possible you can download it easily.

Andriod and iOS Users: Setting ➟Account ➟Account info Request ➟ Report Request.

So, these are some of the most important Whatsapp tricks and tips.

6-Hide Profile Picture From Your Whatsapp

If you want to not see everyone your profile picture, especially if you part of some WhatsApp groups and add irrelevant people if you don’t want to show your profile with groups of people.

Then you go to your setting and change your profile picture to everyone to only my contact, then just your contact list saw your profile picture this most important tips of WhatsApp.

7-Privatly Group Messgage Reply To a Persone

If you want to send a private message don’t worry it’s possible now.

For example, you are adding in a company group where you are working then-boss sends a meeting message but you have do not attend the meeting.

Then you privately message the boss and discuss your important issues and query.

8-Without Hands Sent a Voice Note From Whatsspp

Yes, it’s possible your hands are busy but you can send a voice note from your Microphone, press & hold the Microphone bottom and record your voice this is a very easy and simple method to share your voice note use this method. Andriod and iOS both apply this method.

So, these are the 8the most important Whatsapp tricks and tips.

9-Group Chat Mute

You can mute the group chat or one person chat this is possible, you have many groups but you don’t want to see them every time then you mute this group, and you can mute any one person from WhatsApp.

So, you can say this is WhatsApp’s secret chatting tricks ad tips.

10-Your Chat Backup

So, the ten and last most important Whatsapp tricks and tips is that when you change your cell phone or your loss your device and you don’t want to lose your chat history. So, don’t forget to install the iCloud or Google drive on your phone.

Regrettably, if you are switching connecting Android to iOS or iOS to Android there is a simple way to move your chat.

These are the most important 10 WhatsApp tricks and tips.