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How To Use Properly linkedlin For Job Search? Tips

linkedlin For Job Search Top Best 20 Tips
linkedlin For Job Search Top Best 20 Tips

If your looking for a job then the best tools for you will be a resume and your network but linkedlin will play a vital role in job search by using these tips.

Because, LinkedIn has the option that will allow you to share your expertise, experiences, skills, and much more.

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for both job seekers and professionals.

But, make sure that when you are looking for a new job or want to change your current job then you must use most of your time on LinkedIn.

But on the other hand, it’s utilized by human resources managers when they need candidates.

So, if your LinkedIn profile is complete then it will increase your visibility, so you can say that it is your online resume.

By using Linkedin job search tips you can find your dream job within a few days.

1-Use Linkedin To Build a Personal Brand
2-Shut Off Your Activity Broadcasts
3- Target Your Audience and Use Specific Keywords
4-Add Keywords In Your Linkedin Profile
5-Professional Photo
6-Avoid Buzzwords
7- Update Linkedin Headline
8-Linkedin Profile Must Be Complete
9-Shine Your Personality
10-Focus To the Top Sections
11-Custome Your Linkedin URL
12-Professional Cover Photo
13-Use Current Job Entry
14-Complete Your Introduction Section
15-Summary Must Be Strong
16-Show Your Best Work Experience
17-Designer Your Experience
18-Use Media and Links In Experience
19-Compare Your Resume With Linkedin Profile
20-Interests Section

1-Use Linkedin To Build a Personal Brand

Build your personal brand on Linkedin when you are using it, ask questions when you are building your Linkedin profile that who are you? what do you want to be known for?

So, when you decide it then you can show it on your Linkedin profile.

Increase your connection by sending the request in case they will follow you if you will post informational things on your Linkedin profile.

So, we can say that Linkedin is key to search a job.

2-Shut Off Your Activity Broadcasts

Do you know? that whenever you try to update your Linkedin profile like adding skills, experience, language, or any other thing. Then LinkedIn broadcasts this activity to your connections’ streams.”

So, In case if you do not want to show your connections that you are updating your profile for job searching then do one thing just temporarily shut your activity broadcasts.

3- Target Your Audience and Use Specific Keywords

So, now as you decided to build your profile and start posting but you must know your audience, who is reading your content, what is your target.

Focus on the recruiter that what they are looking for in a candidate, which skills they want to be in your resume.

So, when you create your resume just upload the same information on your Linkedin profile.

4-Add Keywords In Your Linkedin Profile

So, once you decide bout your keywords, in your Linkedin profile.

Where you need to add your target keywords:

  • About Section
  • In Your Post
  • Experience
  • Summary
  • Headline
  • Skills

5-Professional Photo

As you know that your Linkedin profile is your online resume so always Hr Manager, Employer, and Recruiter look on Linkedin to find candidates at this point your picture sets the right tone if you use professional photos.

Don’t forget to apply these linkedlin job search tips on your profile.

6-Avoid Buzzwords

Do not use buzzwords on your Linkedin profile normally we use them on the job descriptions and on Linkedin as well.

List of Some Buzzwords:

  • Hardworking
  • Innovative
  • Successfully
  • Impact
  • Visibility
  • Motivated
  • Driven
  • Return on Investmen

What do you think the above words have any meaning? of course, no so don’t use them.

7- Update Linkedin Headline

In your headline, there is almost your most recent job title, the headline is located below your Linkedin profile name.

So, if this is below your name its means when Hr manager, Recruiter, or Employer will visit your LinkedIn profile this is the first thing they will see here.

Therefore, always the first impression is your last impression, So means it is important.

Keep in mind below listed points to update your Linkedin profile headline:

  • Use Some Your Keywords In Headline
  • Tell To Your Audience Who are You
  • Must Be Meaningfull
  • Clear Succinct

8-Linkedin Profile Must Be Complete

LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards clients with complete profiles.

If your Linkedin profile is complete your profile will come more in search results, so just complete it now must be ‘All-Star’.

9-Shine Your Personality

The best section of Linkedin is a summary where you can show your personality.

What normally people do is they just visit others’ Linkedin profiles and copy their summary and past on their own Linkedin profile.

So, this is a huge mistake that everyone is repeating when your visitors come they will notice here, so make sure you do not ignore it.

200 Words limit you have so you can make it better as per your requirements.

10-Focus To the Top Sections

No one has time now days so same for the employer also doesn’t have time.

So, there are many benefits if you have your Linkedin profile complete, but keep in mind never expect that every people or recruiter who will come on your profile and will check your every word.

That’s why show them in your profile, focus on:

  • Recent Experience
  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Photo
  • Summary
  • Headline
  • Skills

11-Custome Your Linkedin URL

Do you know how to customize your Linkedin profile? when you create your Linkedin profile then the Linkedin issues you automatically one URL link.

But, the good news is that you can change your Linkedin profile URL.

Normally people use their name or their initial name, nickname, etc.

You can also use your expertise keywords, like, content-writer, freelancer its depend on you but remember you are URL must be professional.

12-Professional Cover Photo

you can see above your profile picture blank banner this is the place where you can upload your Linkedin profile cover photo.

So, as you can see this is in front of your profile.

So you can impress your user by uploading attractive cover photos, attractive means that it should be reflet you.

Also, you can design with your name, if you want to design an attractive cover photo or you want to add a ring around your profile picture than use Canva it’s free.

So, these is the amazing linkedlin job search tips.

13-Use Current Job Entry

When the employer or Hr manager search for any candidate on Linkedin one of the snippets of data the stage uses to return results is your present position.

So if you do not have a job right now, than don’t enter unemployed just use your current job position there.

14-Complete Your Introduction Section

It is very important that your profile must be complete, this is the main linkedlin for job search tips.

  • Name pronunciation
  • Contact Information
  • Current Location
  • Former Name
  • Your Industry

15-Summary Must Be Strong

A summary must be strong this is the Linkedin job search tips.

Here is some point to make your Linkedin profile strong:

  • Talk About Who You Are Outside of WorkCall the Reader to Action
  • Highlight You Are Skills
  • Your Achievements
  • All Experience
  • Introduction

16-Show Your Best Work Experience

Show recruiter your best work experience and online present, below the about section there is a featured section.

You show them your expertise:

  • Media
  • Social Media Link
  • Linkedin Articles
  • Website / Porfolio

17-Designer Your Experience

Your resume must stand out for every job that you apply to.

For this, your LinkedIn profile design must be tailored to the current and future work that you want to work on as well.

How the Linkedin website is tailored:

  • Explain in Description That Job Your Looking For
  • Volunteer Work
  • Past Experience
  • School Project

Use above all points to tailor your linkedlin experience, this is the best job search tips.

18-Use Media and Links In Experience

As I explain to you that always present yourself online, so use images, videos, files, in your work experience.

Add all the projects that you work before.

19-Compare Your Resume With Linkedin Profile

Never do this mistake, your resume and Linkedin profile must be the same.

Always speak the truth.

Check these points that must be the same in your Linkedin profile and on your resume:

  • Previous Company
  • Job Descriptions
  • Certificate
  • Degrees
  • Position
  • License
  • Date

20-Interest Section

If you are looking for Linkedin jobs to work from home than this section is very important for you to stand out it is one of the best job search tips.

At the bottom of your Linkedin profile, you can see this section this is the best linkedin search tool.


How Do I Use LinkedIn to Find a Job?

Linkedin is very easy to use so for job search you can click the job icon then the job search field enters your desired position, and then location, also you can use the filter, so use these tips as well.

Is Linkedin Job Search Free?

Yes, absolutely free.

Is Linkedin Best For Job Search?

Yes, LinkedIn is the best for job search you can find here remote job, permanent job, full time, part-time.

So, if your looking for a job then start searching from Linkedin.

How To Announce You Are Looking For A Job On Linkedin?

Another job search tips, So For the announcement that you are looking for a job you must enable the #OpenToWork feature on your Linkedin profile.


So, as I share Linkedin job search tips with you by using them you can find your dream job in a few days.

If you are not looking for a job then also you must optimize your profile in the future it will be helpful for you.