6 Tips For Promoting Blog Posts On Instagram

How To Promote Blog Posts On Instagram?
How To Promote Blog Posts On Instagram?

A recent study says that Instagram is a very amazing social media platform for promoting blog posts. using Instagram options like videos, text, Instagram stories, and images in this way you can promote your blog post.

In this blog, I will share some tricks & tips with you, by using these tricks & tips you can promote blog posts on Instagram.

We can share out content on Instagram in four different ways.
  • Going Live
  • Story
  • Post
  • IGTV

So I will discuss 6 tips for promoting blog posts on Instagram:

1-By Using Instagram Stories

This is the best way we can share in Instagram stories showing to your followers by using this method you can promote blog posts on Instagram.

The study says that seventy percent (70%) of users are viewing the stories every day, so we can say that Instagram story is so highly popular.

This is a great way to you promote your blog using Instagram stories.

2-Using Videos & Images to Promote Your Blog Post

Definitely, you can interact with the new users by sharing a great motivational post.

It does not mean you have a costly mobile, phone, or camera by using clear and whitening pictures posts.

You can use a different free online app to design the style of posts and share videos.

Go live every day at the same time and explain about your blog post/website teach your audience about your niche related.

Why same time you go live every day? because your audience knows what time you will go live and share information so they will be ready at your time.

You can also share your memories, traveling history and you have other talent-related stories so it will help you to get more followers, more followers more traffic on your website.

3-Followers Traffic Convert into Your Blog Traffic

You can paste your blog URL in your Instagram bio link use this method you can promote your blog throughout your Instagram traffic this is an easy and comfortable method for you.

You are used to emojis to create an amazing and attractive blog these things are attracted to the viewers.

So this is the perfect way to promote blog posts on Instagram by adding the URL of the company or blog post.

4-Pins the Instagram Story

This is an easy way to promote your favorite one blog pin in your Instagram timeline front post, The viewers are coming and see your favorite blog in your timelines.

5-Highlight Yours Stories On Instagram

You can share your personal home story and tell us the viewer how to care for your mom’s and how careless the community in there’s parents this is a very amazing and interesting blog and you can share your home lifestyle and tell us the viewer how you can create your good lifestyle.

You can also put your images and videos like cooking videos and garden care videos etc.

It means you have to engage your followers, teach them, give any lesson so they will touch with you and when you share about your blog post then they will react.

6-Simple & Beautiful Post In Canva or Adobe Photoshop

The Canva application is one of the best apps to create very simple and designing posts use this application, this application is very comfortable you can download it from google play store and the iPhone store.

This is an online app.

After downloading you can open the menu through online internet access and create fancy and amazing posts, invitation cards, certificates, and much more.

Adobe Photoshop is also a simple system application you can download and installed your pcs and create your posts.

So by using these tools or others if you are an expert in, so you can use them and explain your blog in beautiful visual style and share on Instagram.

7-Polls Story Create In Instagram

This method is also simple and very useful you can create your survey and research topic and much more.

The new blog post-Instagram story is amazing you can ask anything by creating polls so ask your audience what topic next blog I need to write.

Discover your follower’s interests after that catch their attention to convert them into your blog website.

So,I also cover all questions in this blog post about how to promote a food blog on Instagram? how to promote a blog post? Should I promote my blog on Instagram?