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Amazing: Top 21 Best Jobs Sites In Dubai, UAE 2023

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021
Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021

The UAE is the World’s Top country for job seekers there is a great opportunity for jobs in UAE, the Covid-19 pandemic last year badly affected the labor market many employees were laid off, companies sent unpaid leave, and salary cuts. So we can say “Dubai Vacancies 2020” was not good, In this blog post, I will discuss the top job sites for UAE in 2021.

Because the jobs website plays a vital role in searching the jobs, especially for job seekers.

The UAE is the best and most preferable country for job hunters in the world. If you are a job seeker and looking for urgent job vacancies in Dubai (UAE) in 2021 read this blog carefully.

Here is the list of Top 21 Jobs Sites for UAE in 2023


The LinkedIn is number one job site all around the world in UAE because all companies, Managers, CEOs, and businesses utilize LinkedIn to source and recruit candidates so you can say the hub for job applications in UAE is Linkedin.

Linkedin is your brand, it is the world’s top social media professional platform, LinkedIn allows job seekers to showcase their skills, and expertise in a professional way to recruiters and employers, Hr managers.

Thousands of jobs are listed on Linkedin by the largest companies, for the best result, your Linkedin profile must be optimized.

If your Linkedin profile is optimized then you have an 80% more chance to get the job.

But your resume should stand out! for this, you read this blog on how to make your resume stand out to read our article.

Linkedin gives you a one-month free premium version so use it when you start to apply for a job the benefit is that your application will on top when you apply for any job so the recruiter will review your application first.

Linkedin is only for job seekers and employers this is not the same as other social media platforms { Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest } so you must increase your network if you need the best result. is a leading company for job searching in the Middle East and North Africa every day there is listing hundred of fresh jobs. So this is the best “job in Dubai for foreigners.

You can find the jobs by country and category, so you have to register and start to apply but make sure your profile is complete.

3-Monster Gulf

The Monster Gulf is the best job site for UAE residents and candidates for the purpose of job searching.

The Jobseeker has an excellent job opportunity with Monster Gulf, register today free and upload your CV/Resume to start applying for your desired job.

After Covid-19 monster gulf introduces “Work From Home” So you can find freelance jobs as well, search the jobs from home and work from home.

Amazing: Top 21 Best Jobs Sites In Dubai, UAE 2021


The Dubizzle is a leading free and classified jobs website you can buy a premium package from this package companies will be contacted directly for an interview.

There are more chances to get the job by using the premium package as compared to the free version.

As you can see Dubizzle is similar to Dubai, its headquarters is in Dubai-UAE founded in 2005, you can find properties, buy, and sell cars, can upload your resume for free after completing the profile you can use their smart search filter to find your perfect job.

All jobs posted on dubizzle are in detail so you can apply if they meet your requirements, you can contact the recruiter direct because they provide their email address and phone number.

Also, use their job-sharing feature to spread the detail regarding what employers are looking for.

It is a free website in UAE for buying and selling anything.

But as a job seeker, you need to use for your purpose { Jobs Searching }.


Indeed is an American company, but it is worldwide to searching the job, found in 2004 its headquarter is in Texas-USA, So you can find jobs in Indeed, thousands of jobs are posted from Gulf countries.

One of the top free jobs sites in UAE is Indeed.

Indeed is the most famous jobs hunting website to find jobs in UAE, this is very easy to use and simple, straightforward.

Open the website, register and upload your resume complete your profile, and enter the desired position you’re looking for on location, after that indeed will show y9ou result thousand of jobs in a specific position and location.

The majority of companies and recruitment agencies use indeed to find the perfect candidate.

6-Gulf Talent

For the jobs in UAE the Gulf Talent website is the best leading website for a job search in Gulf countries, UAE, KSA, Oman, and Qatar.

Approximately sixty thousand candidates get contacted by employers every month through GulfTalent.

You can register as an employer and jobseekers, there are 10,000 employers registered and 9 million job seekers registered on gulf talent.

The App of gulf talent is available on Google Play and App Store, download and use it anywhere you can check job status and you can find jobs very easily by using the app.

Amazing: Top 21 Best Jobs Sites In Dubai, UAE 2021
You can apply for jobs in different countries around the world but in the Middle East:
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebnan
  • Libya
  • Iraq

7-Naukri Gulf

The Naukri Gulf gives an opportunity for jobseeker register free to submit their resume and start to apply for the highest salaries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Dubai.

You have to post your resume on the Naukri Gulf website and start to find your dream job in the Middle East.

The best thing is that you can use their curated services they will help you to improve your resume and receive tricks and tips for your career.

8-CareerJet Dubai

Actually, CareerJet is a search engine for employment in UAE by using careerjet, you can find thousands of jobs in just one click because on this search engine more than ten thousand companies are registered right now.

So all jobs are indirectly not the same as other websites as we discuss above.

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021

9-Khaleej Times

One of the top free job sites in the UAE is Khaleej Times, It is an English newspaper but good news for jobseeker because Khaleej Times gives the opportunity for the jobseeker to register and apply for jobs. By Using this Link ☞  Click Here.

The top sites for UAE jobs are, Laimoon is another free platform for job seekers to search the jobs.

This is another free job website in UAE, recruiters now increasing to post the jobs for candidates on it, another benefit is that Laimoon offers courses as well so you can learn to enhance your career.

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021

11-eFinancial Careers

The eFinancial Career is for the accounting and financial sector so this is the best website for a financial and banking career in the Middle East.

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021

The Olive is a comprehensive job search platform this is an easy job application you can track and set up a job alert.

Oliva is the best job searching site in UAE-2021, the old name of oliv is IntersMe.

The perfect website for internships is oliva, search the part-time jobs, fresh graduate students, and recent free from university can find jobs in UAE.

Olive has many features, like a filter so it’s easy to find the relevant jobs by using this feature.

Employment agencies are registered on oliv and post the daily thousands of jobs.

Oliva & Gems educations are partners so the students can get easily internships and jobs to start their careers after completing their study. is also the best job portal where job seeker has access to jobs and many others services.

It is the top job site in the UAE { Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Rak } the authority is the number one classified ad listing website.

If you are looking for full-time or part-time jobs in UAE-{ Dubai } or any other emirates, consider using


The 2nd largest company in the world is jobrapido, a facility for jobseekers to connect with employers, So, also Jobraido in UAE always updates the fresh jobs for the resident In UAE and other Gulf countries.

15-Dubai Careers

If you’re looking for job vacancies in the UAE government sector then this is the best job portal giving opportunities to the job seekers in the UAE Government sector.

The App is available on Apple and Google Playstore download and access after registration and starts to apply, 45 entities are listed on this website.

Office timing is 8 am to 3 pm Sunday to Thursday but “Call Centre” 600 560000, available 24/7 throughout the year.

You can directly contact them on

  • Email Address:
  • PO Box: 555995 Dubai – UAE

16-Total jobs

Total Jobs is Uk based on hiring the largest platform but you can also find jobs in Dubai by using this site.

It is free to use to find jobs in UAE- Dubai.

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021
Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021

If you want to learn new skills or want to enhance your current skills it’s a great opportunity because total jobs offer courses, you have to find the right course fit for you and start learning today for a better future.


The ”Hubbae” is the fastest-growing job portal platform in UAE.

What you are looking for in UAE”

  • Property
  • Hotels
  • Services
  • Motors
  • Jobs
  • Travel
  • Marketplace

You can find on this website, that currently, 3368060 companies are registered around the world, if your employer you can list your company free on Hubbae.

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021


Thousand of new and fresh jobs are updated on this site, this is a multinational company of British, Headquarter is in London – United Kingdom.

Hays gives the opportunity for human resources and recruitment around 33 different countries around the world, UAE is also listed on this website.

It is supposed to be the best job site in UAE 2020.


The Nadia recruitment Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a lot of jobs available for the job seeker.

The list of jobs available

  • Hospitality jobs HR & Training jobs
  • Secretarial & Administration jobs
  • Electronics, IT & Telecom jobs
  • Operations Department jobs
  • Engineering & Technical jobs  
  • Police & Armed Forces jobs  
  • Healthcare & Medical jobs
  • Accounting & Finance jobs
  • Banking & Insurance jobs
  • Senior Management jobs
  • Education/Teaching jobs
  • Sales & Marketing jobs
  • Legal Department jobs  
  •  Advertising & PR jobs
  • Customer Service jobs
  • Supply Chain job

20-Jobs in Dubai

On this job site, more than 8000 jobs are registered technical and non-managerial in almost all industries, different days number jobs are different { increase, decrease }.

Jobs in Dubai are the top jobs sites in use.

Best Jobs Sites In UAE 2021

Top Categories:

  • Education / Training / Teaching Jobs
  • Customer Service/ Call Centre Jobs
  • Advertising / Public Relations Jobs
  • Engineering / Architecture Jobs
  • Clerical / Administrative Jobs
  • Construction / Facilities Jobs
  • Arts / Entertainment Jobs
  • Beauty/Fashion Jobs
  • Administrative Jobs
  • Construction Jobs
  • Electrician Jobs
  • Banking Jobs


As all of you know this is an international job site that helps all job seekers around the world but almost all major corporate jobs in Dubai are also posted on this site.

It is a classified jobs site of the American company, located in San Francisco, California, U.S.

You can prepare your interview questions free from glassdoor.


What Are The Best Job Sites In UAE? or Can You Mention the Top 5 Job Sites In UAE?

Don’t worry all the above jobs sites as I discussed with you in detail are the best jobs sites in UAE{Dubai}.

How Can I Work In UAE?

If you want to work in UAE you have to employment visa, you are not able to work on a visit, or tourist visa, So, first, apply for a visit visa and find the jobs after accepting the job offer then your employer will issue a visa to you in the company.

What Is The Most Common Job In Dubai?

The most common jobs in Dubai { UAE} are:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Sale
  • Legal advisor
  • Engineers

What Jobs Are In Demand In UAE?

The demand jobs in UAE are listed below:

  • Business development
  • Sales executive
  • Ecommerce expert
  • Healthcare staff
  • Social media marketing
  • Content writer

What Is a Good Salary In Dubai?

The average salary of around 10,000 AED is a good salary for a family.

Which Job Is Highly Paid In Dubai?

In any company, if your decision-maker your salary will be highly paid in UAE for example Chief executive officers (CEO).

Is It Easy to Get a job In Dubai?

In my experience, as I work before in UAE, yes it is very easy to get a job in Dubai.

Can You Work In Dubai Without a Degree?

The simple answer is yes, you can work in Dubai without a degree.

How Can I Earn Money In UAE?

There are many ways to earn money in UAE:

  • Art
  • Web development
  • App development
  • Online tuition
  • Freelancer
  • Ebooks

Is 30,000 AED a Good Salary In Dubai?

Absolutely it is a very good salary in Dubai.

Do you think that any of your favorite job websites missing from our list? if Yes! Please let us know by mentioning it in the below comment box so we will update it.

Good Luck With Your Job Search.

Is any of your favorite job websites missing? If yes so please mention it in the below comment section and also if you have any other questions let us know. We will reply to you and guide you about your career.