How To Find Government Jobs In Qatar?

How To Find Government Jobs In Qatar?
How To Find Government Jobs In Qatar?

There are many ways to find government jobs in Qatar. Qatar has a strong economy and is a created nation. In addition, it is one of the most affluent nations in the world. In Qatar, most people want to work for the government.

Foreigners can apply for a government job in Qatar. How to get govt jobs in Qatar? How to apply for government jobs in Qatar? There are too many questions in your mind so don’t worry today in this blog you will learn completely about, how to find a government job in Qatar.

Tips To Find Government Jobs In Qatar

It absolutely gives foreigners excellent chances to make solid careers and support their bonds with the country.

The country includes a broad scope of government jobs to offer. Regardless, the citizens are preferred to get public sector jobs. Outsiders can also apply to government agencies and institutions.

So, below are a list of some tips and information that will help you to find jobs in Qatar government sectors.

  1. Visit Local Job Agencies
  2. Search Online
  3. Visit Local Job Papers
  4. Online on Banks
  5. Visit Government Official websites

1-Visit Local Job Agencies

You can also search online for jobs in Qatar. Many companies advertise their vacancies through websites such as Gulf talent. These sites allow you to search by location, company name, job title, and more.

There are many recruitment agencies that will help you to find government jobs but be careful there many fake recruitment agencies in Qatar.

So, make sure to find real government authorities agencies and then go there to apply.

A List Of The Top 7 Recruitment Agencies In Qatar:
  1. Management Solutions International (MSI)
  2. KEO International Consultants
  3. Premium Solutions Consultancy
  4. People Dynamics
  5. Petroplan
  6. Airswift
  7. Brunel

2-Search Online

If you are looking for government jobs in Qatar, you should start searching online. This will help you to find out what kinds of jobs there are available in Qatar.

Because on google or other search tools you can find all types of jobs and all government sectors you can find.

This is one of the perfect ways to find fast and real jobs in the Qatar government field.

3-Visit Local Job Papers

You can also visit local papers to learn more about Qatar’s job opportunities. These papers usually publish advertisements related to job vacancies in Qatar.

Because most government organizations open the jobs they publish in local newspapers, especially national newspapers.

How To Find Government Jobs In Qatar?

Look at Gulf News, Khaleej Times etc in Khaleej Times there is one separate section for jobs so go there and search option country Qatar.

List of Top 8 Newspapers Published in Qatar.

However, below is a list of newspapers published in Qatar.

  1. Qatar Chronicle
  2. The Peninsula
  3. Gulf Times
  4. Al Watan
  5. Al Sharq
  6. Al Raya
  7. Al Arab
  8. Lusail

4-Online on Banks

If you are looking for a job in the Qatar government jobs in Banks then you should go online because there are many websites where you can search for the latest job openings in Qatar. Banks are best for government jobs in Qatar, especially for females.

Some local banks are listed below go to their website search the jobs and start to apply to find your dream job. There are equal-opportunity government jobs in Qatar for ex-pats.

List Of Top 8 Qatar Government Banks For Jobs:
  1. Qatar International Islamic Bank           
  2. Commercial Bank of Qatar
  3. Qatar Development Bank
  4. Doha Bank Ahlibank
  5. Qatar National Bank
  6. Qatar Islamic Bank          
  7. Masraf Al Rayan
  8. Dukhan Bank

5-Visit Government Official websites

One of the best tips is government official websites also. You can visit the official website of the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (MEST) to check out the latest job vacancies in Qatar.

MEST was established by the State of Qatar as an independent body responsible for the development of education, science and technology in Qatar.

It also provides services related to research, training, consultancy, and international cooperation. Qatar government jobs salary is very good so try your luck.

List Of Top 8 Official Websites of Qatar For Government Jobs:
  1. Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  2. Ministry of Transport and Communication
  3. Government Communications Office
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Ministry of Public Health
  7. Ministry of Interior
  8. Amiri Diwan


In Which Sectors Can You Apply For A Government Job In Qatar?

There is a list of jobs that you can apply for in government sectors.

  1. Government dental jobs in Qatar
  2. Draftsman jobs in the Qatar government
  3. Qatar government jobs driver
  4. Nursing jobs in Qatar government hospitals
  5. Civil engineering jobs in the tar government
  6. Pharmacist jobs in the Qatar government
  7. Qatar government jobs for accountant

What Are The Demanding Jobs In Qatar For Foreigners?

There are the top 36 demanding jobs in Qatar for Foreigners.

  1. Business Development Manager
  2. Instrumentation Engineer
  3. Database Administrator
  4. Mechanical Engineer
  5. General Surgeon
  6. General Practitioner
  7. Network Specialist
  8. Bank Branch Manager
  9. Aerospace Engineer
  10. Civil Engineer
  11. Dentist
  12. Tourism
  13. Construction
  14. Sales Manager
  15. Electrical Engineer
  16. Health Workers
  17. IT Consultant
  18. Domestic Workers
  19. IT Developers
  20. Oil and Petroleum
  21. Engineers
  22. Physician
  23. Finance Manager
  24. IT Manager
  25. Security Specialist
  26. Project Engineer
  27. Hotel Management
  28. Real Estate Lawyer
  29. Real Estate Agent
  30. Digital Marketing
  31. Architect
  32. PR
  33. Technician
  34. Teacher
  35. Air Hostess
  36. HR

Where To Submit Your Cv For Government Jobs In Qatar For Foreigners?

If your jobseeker then you not only everyone aspires to work for the government due to the pay and benefits.

So, that is why we will provide you with a few quick links to make it easier for you to apply for government jobs in Qatar.

  1. Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics
  2. Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3. Ministry of Municipality and Environment
  4. Ministry of Transport and Communication
  5. Ministry of Business and Trade Jobs
  6. Qatar Financial Centre Jobs
  7. Qatar Investment Authority
  8. Gulf Cooperation Council
  9. Qatar Foundation Jobs
  10. Qatar University Jobs
  11. Qatar Petroleum Jobs
  12. Qatar Museum Jobs
  13. Qatar Charity jobs
  14. Qatar Rail Jobs


Qatar is one of the best countries for jobs so if you want to work in Qatar this is the best time for searching for jobs not only in private but also you can apply in the government sector as well.

As we explain in detail above how to find jobs in Qatar, give you tips and a list of websites where you can go and search for your dream job.