Most High-Demand Jobs In Qatar For Freshers

Most High-Demand Jobs In Qatar For Freshers
Most High-Demand Jobs In Qatar For Freshers

Are you looking for jobs in Qatar? Qatar has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It’s also one of the most stable countries in the Middle East.

Qatar is a clamouring country in the GCC that is ascending all over the world to become quite possibly the most well-off country.

Hence, its economy is the most useful in the whole region. Doha, the exotic capital, contains glorious skyscrapers, stunning mansions and estates, and beautiful townhouses to cater to ex-pats all over the world.

The good news is that in this article I will share with you the most demanded jobs in Qatar for jobseekers. There is a list of jobs that will be helpful for you to start your career in Qatar.

1-Engineering Sector Jobs In Qatar

There has been a massively massive demand for architects in Qatar. This is not a shock, as Qatar is consistently looking for opportunities to grow its country.

This is evident from the large-scale projects that it is currently working on. These projects are such as creating railway designs, extending the airport and port as well, and creating bridges and underpasses that will link the capital city of Doha to other parts of Qatar

As this is an urgent issue, assuming the point that Qatar is going to be the host of considerable global events, the country is in need of engineers. Some of the most demanded jobs in this sector are available are listed below.

  1. Instrumentation Engineer
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. Aerospace Engineer
  4. Telecom Engineer
  5. Electrical Engineer
  6. Oil/Gas Engineer
  7. Project Engineer
  8. Civil Engineer
  9. Site Engineer
  10. Architect

2-Information and Technology Sector jobs

These one-time couple of years have demonstrated to be extremely fruitful towards Qatar’s Information and Technology sector.

Due to the blockade, numerous international IT-related businesses and institutions are bringing their work to Qatar.

As a result, Qatar’s IT industry has more job opportunities. The following are a portion of the positions accessible:

  1. IT Manager
  2. IT Consultant
  3. IT Administrator
  4. Web Developers
  5. Security Specialist
  6. Help Desk Support
  7. Software Engineer
  8. Network Specialist
  9. Database Administrator
  10. Developers and Programmers

3-Healthcare Sector Jobs

Qatar’s fitness system has a scale of five on the globe. This is not unexpected, since the nation’s healthcare sector only employs skilled doctors, surgeons and specialist staff as well as.

With more of the coming generations doting on healthcare, more and better clinics and hospitals are extending up in Qatar.

  1. Dentist
  2. Physician
  3. Pharmacist
  4. General Surgeon
  5. Registered Nurse
  6. General Practitioner

4-Marketing Job Vacancy In Qatar

The marketing sector in Qatar has participated in some deep evolution within the past periodic years. In this industry, the Internet has been an ordinary tool. As a result, the marketing industry has moved better toward digital marketing opportunities, particularly within Qatar and most regions of the Middle East.

Some of the open positions are as follows:
  1. Sales Manager
  2. Sales Executive
  3. Marketing Coordinator
  4. Sales Supervisor
  5. Business Development Manager

5-Technician Sector Jobs

Engineers are joined by technicians. All these mega assignments in Qatar will not just require to be completed, but they will have to be managed as well.

The technician sector is not only accountable for checking up on the grade of these forthcoming tasks but they are even given the assignment of supporting Qatar’s already-executed tasks.

Some of the technician sector jobs open positions are as follows:
  1. Electrical/Electronics Technician
  2. Maintenance Technician
  3. Technical Draughtsman
  4. Instrument Technician
  5. Telecom Technician
  6. HVAC Technician
  7. Quality Inspector
  8. Aircraft Mechanic
  9. Lab Technician
  10. Electrician

6-Hospitality Sector Jobs In Qatar

The tourism initiative in Qatar can expect a noteworthy inflow of domestic and international visitors from all over the world.

The hospitality sector is excellent for people who are ready to share the civilization of Qatar with other people.

For hospitality sector jobs in Qatar open positions are as follows:
  1. Chef
  2. Waiter
  3. Receptionist
  4. Kitchen Staff
  5. Housekeeping
  6. Hotel Manager

7-Finance Sector Jobs

As more and more businesses, associations, and organizations relocate their headquarters to Qatar, so they choose all need experienced and qualified people to entrust them with their investments.

This explains why Qatar’s workforce urgently requires the finance sector.

For finance sector jobs in Qatar open positions are as follows:
  1. Bank Branch Manager
  2. Finance Assistant
  3. Finance Manager
  4. Accountant
  5. Cashier

FAQ: Qatar For Jobs

How To Get a Job In Qatar For Freshers?

There are some important steps that you can adopt before going to Qatar and getting the job.

  • You must have an employment contract
  • Then you must medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health
  • For this need to complete an application form from the Ministry of Labor
  • In case you have a relevant educational certificate
  • A copy of my passport
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Visit top jobs websites and start applying

Is Qatar Good For Work?

The answer is yes the main reason is that Qatar currently has a 0.21% unemployment rate. This is due to the abundance of employment opportunities and the high likelihood of employment for those seeking employment in the nation.

Is Qatar Easy To Get Job?

Yes, nowadays it is very easy to get jobs in Qatar because they welcome foreigners, and offers opportunities for government employees as well. You can get a government job and benefit from and enjoy career development if you have professional experience and talent.

Which Job Is in Most Demand In Qatar?

There are jobs listed below that are most demanding in Qatar:

  • Information Technology
  • Hotel Management
  • Domestic workers
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Technician
  • Marketing
  • Engineers
  • Teacher

What Is the Average Salary In Qatar?

Normally the salary in Qatar typically ranges from 4,000 QAR to 80,000 QAR.


Qatar is one of the best countries in the middle east for jobs. In case you planning to find jobs in Qatar from your home country or in Qatar then this article will help you.

As we explain to you the high-demand jobs and sectors and also detail how you can get the jobs.