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List Of Greatest Job Sites In UAE and Gulf Countries

Top 30 Best Job Searching Sites In UAE and Gulf Countries
Top 30 Best Job Searching Sites In UAE and Gulf Countries

Today In this blog post we will share the list of the 30 best job sites in UAE and also in other gulf countries.

In this modern world’ searching for job opportunities is very hard.

All Gulf countries are full of opportunities careerwise, especially the UAE.

So, If you are looking to grasp all these opportunities there are many jobs in the UAE and also in other Gulf countries that can offer you a fruitful career.

But the question is how you will search for these amazing opportunities in UAE.

So. don’t worry about this because In this blog post we are going to share compiled list of the 30 best job sites in the UAE and other Gulf countries with brief information about each jobs sites.

Top 30 Best Job Searching Sites In UAE and Gulf Countries:


The LinkedIn is number one job site all around the world that’s why you can say this is the 1 best job site in UAE and also in gulf countries.

The most important thing is that all companies, Managers, CEO, and all businesses utilize LinkedIn to source and recruit candidates.


Indeed is an American company’ but it is worldwide to searching the job’ found in 2004 its headquarter is in Texas-USA.

So you can find jobs in Indeed, thousands of jobs are posted from Gulf countries.
So, this is one of the best job sites in the UAE.

3-Bayt.Com is a leading company for job searching in the Middle East and North Africa the main reason is that every day there is listing hundred of fresh jobs.

So these are the best job sites in Dubai-UAE for foreigners.


The Dubizzle is one of the leading free and classified job sites, In UAE you can buy a premium package from this package companies will be contacted directly for an interview.

Remember, there are more chances to get the job by using the premium package as compared to the free version of Dubizzle job sites in the UAE and Gulf countries.

5-Gulf Talent

The Gulf Talent site is the best leading website for job search in Gulf countries, especially in UAE, KSA, Oman, and Qatar.

You can register on Gulf Talent as an employer or jobseeker. Almost, there are 10,000 employers registered, and 9 million job seekers registered on gulf talent.

6-Naukri Gulf

The Naukri Gulf gives an opportunity for job seekers to register for free to submit their resumes and start to apply for the highest salaries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

7-Live CFA

This is not a job portal sites like others but on social media platforms, we are sharing the latest jobs over 100 per day.

You can learn skills from this website you can build your resume to stand out.

In the future, we will start a job page on our website as well.

live CFA {Career For All} is freelancing, resume, jobs tips and posting daily jobs, inspirational/motivational posts.

we aim to shift gears in the future and provide 24/7 TV online covering the topics mentioned all.

So, you must follow our social media platform for the latest jobs update and motivational quotes.

Remember we share over 100 latest jobs per day and, also motivational quotes, so don’t miss it.

8-Monster Gulf

The Monster Gulf is the best job site, for UAE residents, and candidates for the purpose of job searching as well as other Gulf countries.

After Covid-19 they introduce “Work From Home” So you can find freelance jobs as well.

9-CareerJet Dubai

Actually, CareerJet is a search engine for employment in UAE. So, by using Careerjet you can find thousands of jobs in just one click because on this search engine more than ten thousand companies are registered right now.

10-Khaleej Times

One of the top free job sites in the UAE is Khaleej Times, It is an English newspaper but the good news for a job seeker is that they give the opportunity for the jobseeker to register and apply for jobs.

So, another of the top best job sites for UAE jobs and gulf countries is Laimoon It is a free platform for job seekers to search the jobs.

The Olive is a comprehensive job search platform. This is an easy job application, especially for tracking and setting up a job alert.

13-eFinancial Careers

The eFinancial Career is for the accounting and financial sector jobs. So this website is for a financial and banking career in the Middle East.


This is one of the largest companies in the world is Jobrapido, a facility for job seekers to connect with employers. So, also Jobraido in UAE always updates the fresh jobs for the resident In UAE and other Gulf countries.

15-Dubai Careers

The good news for those who are looking for job vacancies in the UAE government sector then this is the best job portal giving opportunities to the job seekers in the UAE Government sector.

16-Total jobs

Total Jobs is Uk based on hiring the largest platform but you can also find jobs in Dubai by using this site.

The great news is that all the above job sites are free to use to find jobs in UAE- Dubai and especially in gulf countries.


The ”Hubbae” is the fastest-growing job portal platform in UAE and Gulf countries.
This is the best job site for UAE-Dubai among the top sites in the world.


It is a classified jobs site located in San Francisco, California, U.S but they also post jobs for UAE and Gulf countries.

You can prepare your interview questions free from this website as well, as.


GotoGulf is among the top Recruitment company in the Middle East GCC countries.

GotoGulf started as a bootstrapped budget tight venture with the single focus of establishing itself among the top players in the industry.


From best job sites these are the best jobs site in UAE & GCC and apply today.

Especially, the Nadia recruitment Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a lot of jobs available for the job seeker.


GrabJobs is of the fastest job sites, you can apply in 1 click to get a job today in UAE and Gulf countries.

This is the reliable job portal that provides professional network solutions for every job seeker and Employer within and outside the United Arab Emirates.

They help the job seekers to connect with the real world of opportunities to achieve the set goals and choice of career path.


Hosco was created in 2011, to unite, inspire, and provide opportunities to all hospitality professionals worldwide.

You can build a unique network that connects qualified talent, companies, and schools around the globe.

24-Edarabia.Com is the guide helping students’ parents and educators compare and select the best institutions.

Thousands of jobs are available on this website for UAE and Gulf countries.


EMPREGO is the fastest-growing jobs sites with unique job matching technology and recruitment services, also in UAE and Gulf countries.

Their goal is to deliver great opportunities to the best-talented professionals in order to ensure matchmaking for success in careers and also businesses as well.


Jooble is an international job search portal used almost daily by millions of people in different seventy-one countries.

The company comes into the market in 2006.

These are the 10 best job sites in the world (as well as in UAE) in terms of traffic in the Jobs and Employment.

Thousands of jobs are available in gulf countries.


Starting around 2016, Dr.Job turned into the area’s driving vocation gateway that associates managers and experts.

The company extends to all types of open positions (all day, part-time, and outsourcing) on a cutting-edge stage that empowers all gatherings to accomplish their objectives rapidly and cost-successfully.

The Drjob has been working 24/7, remotely, and from the office in Abu Dhabi to build an inclusive platform for all professionals in the job market to solve their problems and meet their needs.


Another best job site, in UAE- Dubai is Getthat which is the online classifieds portal of GN Media, part of Al Nisr Publishing LLC.

And also this is the largest news brand in the UAE and the number 1 selling English language newspaper in the Middle East.


From the top best job sites in UAE or Gulf countries, this is on from them.

Thousand of new and fresh jobs are updated on this best site, this is a multinational company of British, Headquarter is in London – United Kingdom.

30-Michael Page

From the list of best jobs sites, best job search sites in UAE and Gulf countries. They recruit permanent, temporary, contract, and interim opportunities, typically from second/third job levels upward.


So above all are the best job sites in UAE and also in Gulf countries. Just go to their website and make your profile upload an updated resume and start to apply.

If you are looking for a job in any field you can use them and find a job on the best job searching site in UAE and other Gulf countries.

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What Are the Best Job Sites In UAE?

Top Uae Job Sites To Find Work In Dubai And Other Gulf Countries:

5-Gulf Talent
6-Naukri Gulf
7-Live CFA
8-Monster Gulf
9-CareerJet Dubai
10-Khaleej Times
13-eFinancial Careers
15-Dubai Careers
16-Total jobs

How Can I Get Job In UAE Fast?

7 Points and Tips To Get Job In UAE Very Fast and Quickly:
  1. Start with an impressive cover letter and make stand out your resume.
  2. Be diligent and regular in searching.
  3. Check for the email ID from which you receive job offers.
  4. Never pay to anyone.
  5. Start to Learn Arabic and focus on your English language as well.
  6. And also be realistic about your earning potential.
  7. Keep yourself updated about your profession.

Which Arab Country Is Best For The Job?

4 Best Middle Eastern Countries for Foreigners to Work:
  1. The United Arab Emirates.
  2. Saudi Arabia.
  3. Qatar.
  4. Bahrain.

How Do I Find A Job Online?

  1. Company websites.
  2. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  3. Job boards or job banks are the most common tool used to search for jobs on the Internet in UAE and Gulf countries.

Can Fresher Get a Job In Dubai?

Just came on a visit visa in Dubai and start making connections on Linkedin and start doing job searches’ on websites as we share the top 30 best job sites in UAE in this blog post and it’s an excellent opportunity to find jobs in Dubai and Gulf countries for freshers.

What Jobs Are In Demand In Dubai?

  • Digitalization and artificial intelligence jobs.
  • Data-entry specialists or admin assistants.
  • Social media and marketing specialists.
  • Jobs in risk and security management.
  • Recruitment and hr jobs in Dubai.
  • Jobs in accounting and finance.
  • Engineers.

What Is A Good Salary In Dubai For One Person?

Dubai has a good average salary range for one person’ extending from a monthly salary of 4000 AED to 95000 AED per month.

How Much Does A Teacher Earn In Dubai?

It depends on your qualification and field but the average teacher salary in UAE schools is 7,000 AED To 20,000 AED per month.

Can I Speak English In Dubai?

Why not because the most commonly spoken language in Dubai is English.

👉Is any of your favorite job websites missing? If yes so please mention it in the below comment section and also if you have any other questions let us know. We will reply to you and guide you about your career.