What is ATS and How To Write ATS Friendly Resume In 2023?

How To Write ATS Friendly Resume

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss with you how to write ATS friendly resume for the purpose of winning your desired job.

In 2023 there is huge competition in the hiring system, So in this case, major companies just removed applicants/candidates that are the application did not perfect the job by using their resume screening process.

So also make your resume stand out.

What Is ATS?

As you know our topic is how to write ATS friendly resume, first, we need to know about ATS.

The ATS stands for the applicant tracking system, It is software that big companies use to scan the resume and find job-related keywords.

The keywords may be:

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Recent Job
  • Certificate

This is an ATS algorithm that will do all this job for companies to make it easy and save time to selecting the right candidate.

The ATS system will do this automatically if your resume fails, or did not pass from the ATS system then your job application will be rejected, and it will not reach the recruiter.

After the process resumes from ATS systems, it will go to the next hiring step so this racking system gives the date to companies to evaluate.

What Is an ATS-Friendly Resume?

The company tracking system will accept your resume if your resume is designed according to the ATS system.

Make it easy to read and use it, main points are to use bullets and delete images, and pictures, the main important point is that the job description will help you to find the best keywords to make your resume ATS friendly.

Do you want ATS Friendly Resume?

How To Make Your Resume ATS Friendly?

Making your resume ATS friendly is now easy for you because now in this blog post we will explain to you in detail how to make your resume ATS friendly.

When and How To Make CV ATS Friendly?

The method is the same for CVs and resumes to make ATS friendly, so when do you need to make an ATS resume?

Remember if your sending an application through email normally on Linkedin hiring manager ask you to send me your resume on WhatsApp or email then ok whatever resume you have sent it but if you are going to apply online on the website or portal of a company that you need to make your resume ATS friendly and submit it.

How Do I Know If My Resume Is ATS Friendly?

To check whether your resume is ATS friendly or not there is an online ATS tracker available just use them.

First, you have to design your resume as I will discuss in this blog post, in the best ATS resume format, after that use an online ATS-friendly resume checker to check whether your resume, is ATS friendly or not.

How To Write ATS Friendly Resume?

There are some tips or points I’m going to share with you, just use them in your resume to make your resume ATS-friendly.

  • Standard formatting
  • Job-Related Keywords
  • Word Document Format
  • Don’t Use Abbreviations
  • Headings-ATS Friendly
  • Common Use Of Font
  • Use Different Format For Each Employer

1-Standard Formatting

So, for an ATS-friendly resume format always use the standard format, which is also called a chronological resume.

There are mainly three types of resume formatting but we recommend for ATS friendly resume you should use a standard format.

The standard format is more compatible with the ATS system the reason is that standard formatting foremost organizes and highlights your experience.

A clear and brief resume is easy for an ATS tracking system to track and it’s also what the recruiter/companies prefer.

Try to don’t use fancy fonts and design elements they will make puzzle the ATS systems.

So as you know the ATS system will scan the resume and determine the keywords in your resume and will compare it to company job description keywords.

If you want to improve your chance to enter in interview process try to use all list skills in the job descriptions.

For example, one company looking for an Accountant and they are using these keywords in their job description.

  • QuickBooks
  • Sagex3
  • Gnu Cash
  • Tally
  • Xero
  • FreshBooks

So copy these skills and add them to your resume, So these are the best ATS-friendly resume examples, in this way you can use ATS resume keywords.

3-Word Document Format

The Word Doc is the best format for all ATS software to track the application, almost all ATS tracking software includes and also recruiter like it.

But now the majority of ATS systems process a PDF file, but some applicant systems still have problems with them.

So send your resume in Word format then make sure that your resume should be readable for the ATS tracking system.

Because the old system will have a problem understanding the resume in PDF, if the company did not mention it in the job description then you use anyone format, Doc, or PDF file.

4-Dont Use Abbreviations

Remember that ATS never understands abbreviations in a resume, that’s why it is very important to spell out all abbreviations a minimum of one time.

Maybe the ATS tracking system wants to scan non-abbreviated format, not abbreviations so make sure you need to spell our mini at least one.

Sometimes recruiters or hiring manner are not experts or don’t know about all job roles so it is necessary for you to make your resume easy to understand.

There are some examples of spelling out abbreviations

  • M.Com { Master Of Commerce }
  • CA { Chartered Accountant }
  • WP { WordPress }
  • ACCA { Association of Chartered Certified Accountants }
  • ICMA { Institute of Cost and Management Accountants }

5-Headings-ATS Friendly

So ATS software arranges your qualifications based on ordinary resume headings” skills and experience.

So don’t use heading like, why you should hire me! why I’m perfect for this position Application Tracking System will be confused.

The best example ATS friendly headings:

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Experience

The unprofessional or not friendly ATS headings:

  • The Jobs I would love
  • My abilities
  • Where I work

6-Common Use Of Font

If you want to know how to make an ats-friendly resume, make your resume easy to read and understand for this you should use common resume fonts.

  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman
  • Calibri
  • Arial

As we discussed before the resume ATS system doesn’t like fancy fonts and design elements as well.

7-Use Different Format For Each Employer

So as you know that applicant tracking system (ATS) has become common, that’s why it is very hard to design a resume that ATS pass then you will win the interview.

You have to create a custom resume for every single job, yes it will take time for you but after giving the time you will get results as well.

Why you should do this as we discuss that all companies do not use the same keywords, different jobs have different keywords so you need also a different resume.

So if you applying for a job online keep in mind applicant tracking systems if you use all tips we discuss in this blog then you will get the best result for your job application.