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Why Is LinkedIn Important For Job Search and Students?

Importance Of Linkedlin For Job Search and Benefits
Importance Of Linkedlin For Job Search and Benefits

If you didn’t use Linkedin before then the first question in your mind will come what is Linkedin? and How you can use Linkedlin For Job Search?

The answer is that Linkedin is the largest business-oriented networking American website providing online employment services to job seekers.

So, in this blog, I will clear you all questions related to Linkedin.

Why is Linkedlin Important For Business?

Linkedin is also important for the businessman as important for job seekers.

Many recruiters or hiring managers” their first step after receiving a resume or job search application is to look up the candidate on LinkedIn.

So the purpose of Linkedin for a business is when he needs an employee or leads it will helpful for the businessman.

The main purpose of Linkedin for business is to promote the business.

Also, most companies now start online applications for hiring.

Linkedin Benefits Linkedlin For Job Search or Emplyees and Students:

Benefits of Linkedlin For Job Search:

When a job seeker applies to any job then a potential hiring manager not only reviews your resume he will visit your Linkedin profile as well so on the basis of your Linkedin profile he will decide to offer you the job or call for the interview.

Benefits of Linkedin for students:

The LinkedIn search is very easy and free, everyone can maintain a lot of connections that may also help students start the career so it’s important for Linkedin for students in his career.

Does Linkedin really get you a job?

Yes if you are looking for a job, you can let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know you are open to new job opportunities.

Linkedin will give you this facility and if you’re specific about your job type and the preferable location.

LinkedIn will help your profile show up in search results when recruiters look for suitable job candidates.

So, Linkedlin is the perfect website for a job search.

Follow Companies Page To Hire:

Always follow companies in your interest or your field related because when they need candidates they will post jobs and you will get the notification.

Be Active:

Always pass the comments on others’ posts, like and share others’ posts so more recruiters can reach your profile.

More than 90% of recruiters are finding candidates by using Linkedin.

Linkedin allows an online personal brand that will make job seekers visible to the key decision-maker and recruiters.

Optimize Profile More Chance to Get Job:

If you write well LinkedIn Profile it will build trust and credibility because every time recruiter visits a different profile you make sure they have to look at your profile.

On Linkedin, you should keep yourself up to date on the job opening.

Join the groups on Linkedin:

Because “groups” are a brilliant way to meet people with similar professionals and interests it will expand your network from other graduates to professionals already working in your “sector or industry”.

I just discuss the main benefits of Linkedin for job seekers and students so there is some important question regarding Linkedin I will answer them for your better understanding.

Why Work at Linkedin?

Answer: It’s a very good company to work for.

The management of Linkedin is very cooperative and flexible towards the employee so it is a great place to work.

Why Linkedin is a waste of time? or is LinkedIn is waste of time?

Answer: Yes! Linkedin is waste of time because most business owner they just putt up their Linkedin profile, like job seekers they just think that they will putt up their profile and will get a job.

Disadvantages of Linkedlin:

  • Privacy
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Slow Reactions

So Linkedlin is important For Job Search, businesses also get hired as well.