Why Choose Jobs with Qatar Airways?

Why Choose Jobs with Qatar Airways
Why Choose Jobs with Qatar Airways

Looking for jobs with Qatar airways but don’t know high-demand jobs or how to apply? Qatar Airways is the national airline of the State of Qatar and has acquired acclaim throughout the world for providing services that are unrivalled.

Qatar Airways is one of the world`s youngest airlines, serving all six continents, and one of the world`s fastest-growing airlines.

It connects more than 140 destinations around the world with a fleet of cutting-edge aircraft and an unrivalled level of service from our home and hub, the Hammad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

The most demanding jobs at Qatar Airways are:

Qatar Airways offers a variety of jobs, from cabin crew to specialist jobs.

  1. Cabin Crew
  2. Cargo and airport operations
  3. Corporate and commercial
  4. Customer Service
  5. Engineering
  6. Pilot and Flight Operation               

These jobs, their requirements and key responsibilities are explained in this article.

Cabin Crew     

The cabin crew role is one of the most highly demanding jobs in Qatar Airways. This role is physically and emotionally strenuous and it carries a lot of responsibilities.

Cabin crews are obligated to treat all passengers professionally.

 Farm duties of cabin crew include:

  • Greeting all the passengers professionally
  • Guiding passengers to their seat
  • Providing keen attention to the elderly or handicapped
  • Serving all the passengers with refreshments
  • Guiding the emergency equipment
  • Dealing emergencies

Cabin crew jobs do not require any degree but any relevant degree in tourism or travelling can be great. Cabin crew jobs are highly paid jobs and you can get around 1200$ to 3700$.

All you need is fitness, a good mental and physical state and practical communication skills to be a cabin crew at Qatar Airways.

Cargo and Airport Operations

Cargo and airport operation is one of the fields that have numerous jobs with Qatar airways. If you are looking for a job in cargo or airport operations you got a variety of positions to peruse your career that includes Airport information specialist, Operation Agent, Airport Security Specialist, and Airport Operations Entry-Level Roles.

Requirements of this job include the ability to plan, coordinate and direct the diverse activities required to maintain the airport operations.

The applicant should be able to analyze the situation and implement the proper course of action.  Must be able to operate computers and software, and have knowledge of database management.

The salary of airport operations in Qatar Airways is approximately $62,000 per year.

Customer Service Jobs

Another most-demand job is with Qatar airways customer Service Representatives assisting passengers, making new reservations, and change existing reservations, and maintaining up-to-date menu knowledge.

You will be responsible for providing customer–focused services. Customer Service jobs are also one of the highly paid jobs in Qatar Airways. The salary of a customer service representative is around QAR 3,190 per month.

University /college degree can be helpful while applying for this job.

Pilot and Flight Operation

Flight operations in Qatar Airways provide numerous positions like Crew Coordinator, Senior Ground Service Officer, Flight Crew Licensing Officer, Cadet Pilot and many more. Cadet pilots get highly paid. The average salary of a pilot is QAR 37,280 per month.

As a pilot, your key responsibility is to operate an aircraft, determine the safest routes, and analyze flight plans.

You are also liable for scrutinizing operational systems and navigation equipment. Qualification includes a commercial pilot license issued by Civil Aviation Authority, must be able to obtain QCCA, and CID clearance.

FAQ: Jobs With Qatar Airways

Why choose Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is the leading and fastest-growing airline in the State of Qatar. There are no limits to your potential with Qatar Airways.

You will have an endless number of possibilities to learn and work on the most challenging and rewarding projects that will help you develop your abilities and experience. You have the opportunity to shape your future and become a member of an international community.

Qatar Airways offers the highest salary in the State of Qatar to its workforce. The best thing about working at Qatar Airways is that the airline provides numerous facilities like tax-free salaries, free medical services for the employees, no bills, free accommodation, overtime pay, and many more.

How Much Does Qatar Airways Pay?

Customer Service Representative salaries at Qatar Airways range from approximately $35,896 to $50,174 per year for cabin crew positions. The average hourly wage for a Customer Service Representative at Qatar Airways is approximately $16, while the hourly wage for a Flight Attendant is approximately $30.

How Much Does Qatar Airways Pay Cabin Crew?

How does Qatar Airways’ salary for Flight Attendants compare to the range of base salaries for this position? The monthly salary for a Flight Attendant in Qatar is QAR 40,00, which is 30% lower than the monthly salary for this position at Qatar Airways, which is QAR 7,500.

How Do I Get Selected For Qatar Airways Job?.

The online application need prospective hire to submit their details and upload a CV to provide detail on their education and training” experience also skills as well.

How Many Interview Rounds Are There In Qatar Airways?

There are typically two to three rounds to the Qatar Airways interview process.

How Long Does It Take To Be Hired By Qatar Airways?

Just allow at least 21 days for a response from our Cabin Crew Recruitment team after submitting your online application.


Qatar Airways is one of the largest airline networks in the Middles East. It has acknowledged worldwide appreciation for its unmatched services. No doubt Qatar Airways is a superlative airline to travel as well as to peruse your career.

So, there are many jobs with Qatar airways. The average salary at Qatar Airways ranges from $25,000 to $30,000 per year. Qatar Airways not only provide the best customer services, but it is also one of the highest-paying airlines in the Middle East.