How To Start a Career at Emirates Airlines?

How To Start a Career at Emirates Airlines
How To Start a Career at Emirates Airlines

There are many different jobs available at Emirates Airlines. If you want to start your career at Emirates, find out what they are here!

Emirates Airlines has over 30,000 employees worldwide. They offer a wide range of jobs in areas such as engineering, finance, customer service, operations, maintenance, and security.

Applying For A Career At Emirates

About Emirates Airways:

If you are looking for a career at Emirates, there are many different ways to get there. The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which is owned by Dubai Investment Corporation.

The company operates a wide range of domestic and international services. The airline also has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Challenges Of A Career At Emirates

The UAE government faces a number of challenges when it comes to promoting its own highly skilled workforce. Career development opportunities are limited in all government and quasi-government sectors, and professionals are constrained in their mobility.

In order to transfer to the private sector, they must either accept a pay cut or experience an occupational downgrade.
A career in the UAE requires a diverse set of skills. In the past, low-skilled workers have been attracted to work in the UAE because of the relatively low cost of living and thriving economy.

Its political stability and modern infrastructure have also helped it become one of the most sought-after jurisdictions.
A career in the UAE requires an understanding of the local business environment. UAE businesses generate excellent revenue, but they face unique challenges as well.

For example, the workforce is multicultural and transient. In addition, companies in the UAE must adhere to several laws, and non-compliant companies can risk facing legal problems.

Pre-Employment Assessment Test

The first step in applying for an Emirates career is to complete a pre-employment assessment test. These assessments are usually online and will vary depending on the role you are applying for.

One type of test is the numerical reasoning test, which assesses your numerical and algebraic reasoning skills. It is timed and includes multiple-choice questions that evaluate your ability to solve problems. Another test is a verbal reasoning test, which evaluates your ability to read and analyze written text.

As the airline industry is growing at a fast rate, there are numerous exciting career opportunities with Emirates. The application process typically takes fifteen to thirty days.

If you are accepted, you will have to pass the pre-employment assessment test, which includes a series of tests to determine your educational background, psychometric assessments, and a physical fitness assessment.

You will also be interviewed either online or in person by a member of the recruiting team. The interview may include questions about your education, prior work experience, and personal traits.

If you’re successful, you’ll have a chance to meet staff from Emirates. There are also personality tests and English proficiency exams as part of the Emirates career hiring process.

If you’ve been selected for an interview, remember to bring copies of your resume and passport. If you’re applying for a cabin crew role, you’ll also need to bring a photograph of yourself.

The purpose of this is to help the airline identify you for security purposes.

Getting A Job At Emirates Through Networking

Emirates is one of the leading airline companies in the Middle East. They operate in more than 80 countries and employ over 65,000 people. They offer competitive salaries and many different career options. In order to apply for a job at Emirates, candidates can create an account on their career portal.

Emirates employees typically come from around the world. They often want to travel, expand their horizons, and post cool pictures on Instagram. Networking can be an excellent way to land a job at Emirates. The company holds three recruitment events in the United States in the coming week.

The hiring process is similar to the one used at other companies. Candidates must submit a cover letter and CV. Interviews may follow. They may also undergo initial phone screening with the HR department. Afterwards, they will meet with managers and negotiate a contract. The whole process usually takes about five weeks.

Career At Emirates Airlines Listed Jobs:

So, if you want to start your career there are many jobs available at emirates airlines and we will discuss in detail their duties and responsibility. After reading you will understand which you are eligible for which job.

1-Customer Service Representative

As a Customer Service Representative, you will provide excellent customer service to passengers and crew members. You will also work with other departments to ensure that the airline runs smoothly.

2-Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant, you will help make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable flight. You will assist passengers with any needs they might have during the flight. You will also serve as an ambassador for the airline by promoting its products and services.

3-Cabin Crew

Flight attendants work in one of two categories: cabin crew and ground staff. Cabin crew typically work in first class, business class, and economy class. Ground staff work in cargo areas and other parts of the airport.

4-Cargo Agent

Cargo agents are responsible for loading and unloading passengers and cargo onto and off of planes. They also help with baggage handling and assist passengers with luggage.

5-Ground Operations Manager

You will need to have a good knowledge of aviation and be able to work well under pressure. For an aeroplane administrator associated with business air transport, ground operations is the part of the carrier that arrangements with the air terminal dealing with methodology guaranteeing travellers, freight mail, and so on are securely ready the aeroplane before flight.


Planning and keeping up with significant financial reports. Planning government forms and guaranteeing that assessments are paid appropriately and on time.

Assessing monetary activities to suggest best practices, distinguish issues and plan arrangements, and assist associations with running effectively. However, this is the best time to start your career as an Accountant at emirates Airlines, good salary and benefits.


The pilot’s liabilities incorporate shipping travellers and freight, deciding the most secure courses, dissecting flight plans and atmospheric conditions, ascertaining fuel and examining activity frameworks and route gear. For a Pilot, you will need a professional degree as per their requirement.

8-Contact Centre Agent

A contact centre agent, also called a customer service representative, is a front-line employee that interacts directly with customers and assists with issues such as placing orders resolving billing issues and answering policy questions. Duty may be in a different department

9-Cargo Assistant

The cargo Assistantair freight activities, for example, treatment of approaching and active freight and confirms that the import and commodity reports fulfil guidelines. Hargo Assistant manages freight inside the distribution centres, including putting away and stashing risky products in assigned freight regions

10-It Support Engineer

The duty of an IT support engineer I that meet with clients to determine the nature of the problem, diagnose hardware or software issues, provide effective assistance, and maintain strong customer relationships.

Also, be required to install new software applications and train clients on proper application use. So, or you must degree in IT and some experience also then you can start your career at emirates airline.

11-Senor Airport Service Agent

Senor Airport Service Agents need to provide a quality service to EK and Code share passengers with respect to check-in, boarding special services and baggage services as per company commercial and safety standards and procedures.

However, the EK and codeshare passengers and their baggage are handed in a consistent and efficient manner. Many jobs are available on the emirates website just go now and start to apply.

12-Production Manager

If your looking for a production manager job at Emirates then you must be an expert in regulating creative interaction and facilitating movements of every kind to guarantee an adequate number of assets close by.

You can design labourers’ timetables, gauge costs and plan to spend plans to guarantee the work process complies with called-for time constraints.

13-Senor Finance Assistant

The Senior Finance Assistant provide a high level of financial support to members of designated areas in all aspects of budget management, costing, year-end audit preparation and other special projects as required.

If you have a professional degree such as ACCA, CMA, or CA, then try to start to apply and begin your career at emirates.

14-Procurement & Logistics Specialist

Procurement and Logistics negotiate and oversee contracts with outsider providers for the securing of all that the Emirates Gathering needs to do its activities.

The Emirates Gathering is a powerful journey and the travel industry activity with a worldwide standing for greatness crossing each part of the business.

However, there are many jobs in Procurement and Logistics in emirates airlines you can start your career.

15-Governance & Compliance HR Manager

The governance and compliance HR manager will evaluate the process risk profiles,’ promote awareness at the appropriate management levels, take steps to cover the risks identified’ develop disciplines to be implemented and procedures to be followed’ establish accountability for implementation, and continuously monitor and improve the effectiveness of internal. For this job, you need more experience.

16-Sales Manager

However, a sale manager is somebody who leads and directs deals specialists and runs the everyday deals tasks of a business. They supervise the deals technique, put forth deal objectives, and track deals execution.

17-Admin Assistant

Work is different for admin assistant but normally they answer phone calls, schedule meetings, and supports visitors.

Do administrative work like filing, typing, copying, binding, and scanning as well as complete operational requirements by scheduling and assigning administrative projects.

But maybe you face more work also it depends on which department you working in. So, you can start your career as an admin assistant at Emirates Airlines.

18-Senior Sales Executive

The main duty of the senior Sales Representative at emirates are listed below

  • They hire and trains fresh sales representatives
  • Make and manages the sales pipeline
  • Also a team of sales representatives
  • Completes competitive analysis reports
  • Making the strategies to reach sales goals
  • Record the sales pitches for all products and services
  • Prepare the weekly, daily, and monthly sales forecasts

19-Customer Services

The main duty or work of customers serves to the help an association offers to its clients previously or after they purchase or use items or administrations.

Client care incorporates activities like giving item thoughts, investigating issues and objections, or answering general inquiries as well.

Remember that the work of customer services may be different in the emirates because it depends on which department you working in.

FAQ: Career At Emirates

How do I get hired At Emirates?

There are many jobs and each job has different criteria and requirements for hiring however, for Emirates cabin crew you will be Fluent in written and spoken English.

You must have at least one year of hospitality or customer service experience. At least a minimum of high school education and also no visible tattoos while in Emirates cabin crew uniform as well.

So, this is just an example if you want to start your career at emirates in another department it maybe different requirements just go to career.

How Much Do Emirates Employees Get Paid?

The typical Emirates Airlines salary starts from roughly $49,448 each year for an Airline steward to $96,080 each year for a Pilot.

The normally Emirates Airline time-based compensation goes from roughly $25 each hour for an Airline steward to $46 each hour for a Pilot.

Is it Easy To Get a Job With Emirates Airlines?

Emirates is reliably positioned among the world’s best airlines and is by and large thought to be one of the most extravagant.

So it shocks no one that the Dubai-based transporter just recruits a small part of the roughly 145,000 candidates it gets for its cabin crew every year, which comprises about 23,000 people.

Does Emirates Pay For Training?

The training classes that will presently go not paid incorporate basically a two-day compulsory security supplemental class that all lodge groups should finish one time each year.

What do Benefits Do Emirates Employees get?

  • It depends on your position and normally included such as:
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Workmen’s compensation