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Effective Bidding Points in Freelancing. The freelancing is increasing after Covid-19 the many employees were laid off from their jobs and the fresher who recently completed their graduation are also unemployed because of a lack of jobs, it is very hard to search for jobs in this situation.

So in, this scenario freelancing is a good opportunity to make money online by providing different services on the Freelancing marketplace.

So when freelancers start work in different freelance markets places they face big problems the main problem is a selection of bidding or cover letter and how to decide which is best for them and they doing mistakes almost 95% in starting.

Freelancing requires both soft skills and hard skills in order to succeed, why do freelancers fail? because they are unable to communicate effectively.

If you want to become a successful freelancer learn how to write, how talk, chose your words wisely, and learn how to sell your services because you need to learn effective bidding points for a cover letter.

You already heard about the 7rangi online shopping formula.

I would advise you to take care of the following things before you place your bid on a project

  • The first point is that you should make sure the project completely matches your expertise.
  • Make sure the client has verified his payment method.
  • You need to check that a client has a previous payment history such clients usually pay on time or not.
  • You need to learn how to write a bid proposal. ( “Most Important” )

Freelance Bid Proposal Sample:

The effective bidding points in freelancing you have to learn first to start freelancing.

I’m WordPress and Yoast SEO  expert, I do not even bid on small bi-fold or tri-fold projects you know why? because they offer less budget and require hours after hours to get them done.

Never bidding on, or Fiverr on projects that did not have a verified payment seal. “Payment Verified Badge.

Never bid on such projects. If you do not understand what I’ve just said, read twice! and think again.

Never waste your bid on a project that requires a lot of work and does not have a good budget.

So now you think that how to place a bid in freelancer don’t just apply on the bid, 7 Effective Bidding Points in Freelancing”7 Rangi Formula” I’m going to share with you in this article.


Just say, hi, hey, hello, Aslamalikum, etc

2-Rephrase Employer Project:

I understand you are looking for WordPress Expert. I also understand that you expect top-quality work, this is the only example you can relace your skills.


I own a website (En Digital Services) and have been doing Yoast SEO ( On-Page SEO) and WordPress my profile here on (marketplace website name) speaks volumes about my service and commitment to my clients.

“Pro Tip” (If you have multi skills then don’t mention all skills just mention what the employer looking for)

4-What I can do for the employer?

I can create an eye-catching WordPress Website within 1 business day. I will also provide unlimited revisions of my work till you are 100% satisfied.

You can visit my diversified portfolio at (Link) given here on my profile description.

6-Ask Questions For Attention:

7 Effective Bidding Points in Freelancing

I would like to offer you a free demo design of your Website so you can see my design ability. Are you interested?

I have a question. What is your preferred template choice?

So in this way you can ask questions and just force them to reply to you.

7-Close The Bid:

So seven and last 7 Effective Bidding Points in Freelancing have closed the bid, I look forward to a successful working relationship in the future. I hope to get answers from you”

Do You Have Your Own Portfolio Website?

What I will recommend to you? I will recommend you have your own website for your portfolio as a freelancer.

You can also manage it on another platform, such as Linkedin, Behance, or Tumblr.


So, these are effective bidding points for a cover letter (sample bid proposal letter ) hopefully, you understand how the “freelancing bidding” is done and what needs to be written when you are responding to a project on the freelancing platform.

So this “freelance bid proposal sample you can use for data entry or any type of skills you have.

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What Should I Write In My Bid On Freelancer?

What to write in your freelancing application?

  • Introduce yourself to the customer.
  • Name the task/job that you are applying for.
  • Convince the client by showing your online portfolio.
  • Explain to the customer why they should be hired you.
  • Tell the time frame and budget for the project.

How Do You Write An Effective Bid?

You must follow this way of steps to craft an effective bidding proposal.

Get an in-depth understanding of the job, start to search the client focus the competition offer to an additional good or service talk about only Include relevant information and also most important proofread your proposal as well.

How Do I Write A Good Freelance Proposal?

Below are the seven steps to writing a good freelance proposal.

  1. Define Your Strengths
  2. Focus On The Job Description Carefully
  3. Make Freelance Proposal Template
  4. Study About The Client
  5. Just Made It Short And Concise
  6. Business-Like Tone Use In Proposal
  7. And In Last, You Must Review Your Proposal Before Sending It

How Many Bids Are Allowed In Freelancer?

There are many options in case you’re using free membership then get six bids per month. On basic membership, you can get fifty bids per month. and last plus membership you can get can a one hundred bids per month. business membership you can get three hundred bids per month.

How Do Freelancers Bid On Beginners?

Following this way, if your beginner in freelancing you can place your bid, Ask your bid amount, anthem the number of days for delivery and explain your proposal after that list milestones or tasks and set a Milestone’choose an optional upgrade if you wish so now submit it.

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