What Is The Best Fiverr Gig Image Size?

Fiverr Gig Image Size Secrets Guidelines
Fiverr Gig Image Size Secrets Guidelines

The first impression is the last impression but It will apply more talk about professions like Freelancing, especially Fiverr Gig Image Size.

How you show yourself to customers. why you’re unique, so all freelancing platforms it is important, your initial feeling begins with how you present your Gig to the customers.

So, for the customers to pay attention to your Fiverr gigs, is main. however, if you want to become successful then focus on the Fiverr gig image size ratio.

What Is A Fiverr Gig?

A Fiverr Gig means the service someone will give as a freelancer on the Fiverr website. Nowadays Fiverr is a very good market both for freelancers and also employers. If your new freelancer then you can offer your services only at 5$ and have a good chance to get the order.

The Perfect Fiverr Thumbnail Size:

You can make your Fiverr gig image perfect through any online resizer. Also, Fiverr will promote your gig in case you manage the Fiverr gig image size ratio as per Fiverr requirements.

The best way is that just follow the Fiverr gig image guidelines.

So, according to Fiverr gig image guidelines, the must be between 1280 x 769 pixels. Fiverr gig image size maximum is 4000 x 2416 pixels at 72 DPI and the Fiverr gig image size minimum is 712 x 430 pixels.

Consider Things Before Creating Fiverr Gig Image Size:

So, before you deiced to create your Fiverr gig image first you need no keep in mind some important things.

1-Audio/Video Thumbnails

Fiver gig image is important but you can also upload audio and video to your gig image as well but make sure the size of the video also.

2-Image Quality

Quality is always king so focus on it. Must be clear, sharp, and high resolution for Fiverr gig image size you use used photoshop for good quality.

3-No Clickbait

Clickbait content like pictures, audio titles, and also videos can cause confusion and frustration among customers. So, just use perfect matching with your skills and experience.

4-Intellectual Property Rights

Your initial feeling begins with how you present your Gig to the local area into consideration. However, never use other images in your Fiverr gig image just use them with their permission.

5-Never Mention Contact Information

Remember, that if you mention your contact detail information in your Fiverr gig image then it’s against Fiverr policy so never use it.


Fiverr Gig image and thumbnail play a vital role when a buyer chooses you for his or her task. So, use only images that represent your business or you.

7-Avoid Badges

Never use any badges in your Fiverr images gig.

8-Do not Reuse Images

This is also Fiverr gig image size ratio is important and keep unique images for every gig do not use one picture for all Fiverr gigs.


Keep your picture clean with the base fundamental text.

10-Objectionable Content

However objectionable content is never used in your Fiverr gig image’ for example’ adult material, disturbing images’ fake news’ hate speech’ and discrimination.

11-Fiverr Gig Link

Use your other Fiverr gig link but only when you make an image and save then link it that upload it will help you for SEO.

FAQ For Fiverr Gig Image Size:

What Is Gig Image In Fiverr?

The main purpose of a Fiverr gig image size is to get the awareness of customers so that they can come to your Fiverr gig and after that, they place the orders.

What Is The Resolution For Fiverr Gig Video?

The resolution of Fiverr gig videos is 848 * 478 pixels. There’s no genuine point in transferring anything higher than 1080p for a gig information video.

Can I Use Canva Images For Fiverr?

Absolutely Yes, because the canvas is OK to use for Upwork and Fiverr. And also canvas is free publishing software with 10000 plus free images, videos, and smart gifs.

How Can I Get The Most Of My Gig Photos?

Look always use sharp and clear photos. Never used pixelated, blurry, stretched. Also use high-resolution, eye-catching images.

How Many Gigs Can I Create On Fiverr?

Normally, you can use a maximum of seven, gigs but the minimum is no limit the more you will use more you will get a chance.

In Summary:

However, in this blog post, we try our best to give the message of how important Fiverr Gig image size will be for Freelancers.

So, in case you like this blog post kindly share it with other social media platforms and ask the question if you have.

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