Amazing Website URLs That Uses in Fiverr Gig and Fiverr Description

What URLs You Can Use in Your Fiverr Profile or Fiverr Gig Description?
What URLs You Can Use in Your Fiverr Profile or Fiverr Gig Description?

When you want to sell anything your client wants to check first similarly when you sell anything you want to show your portfolio to the buyer.

So, Fiverr allows you some specific websites where you can create a portfolio and you can use those URLs in your Fiverr profile or Gig description.

Fiverr is an Israeli online freelancing market, where both seller and buyer can register and seller can sell their service and buyer can buy it.

But before to start freelancing on Fiverr you must be careful how to create a Fiverr profile and Fiverr gig.

Anything you can sell on the Fiverr market, content writer, graphic designer, WordPress developer, and much more.

Is It Free to Join Fiverr?

Yes, If you want to join Fiverr it is free but only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr if you are not registered on Fiverr you can’t sell or buy anything on Fiverr. When you sign up your account will automatically be a buyer account as well.’

But how buyer will buy your services? for this, you need to create your online portfolio where you can register your work, and when you apply for any jobs on Fiverr then you can show it to your client.

However, Fiverr does not allow sharing any URLs Fiverr profile or Gig description, so today I will share with you a list of those websites that you can use.

The following URLs may be used in your Fiverr profile or Fiverr Gig description:
  • Reverbnation.Com
  • Wordcounter.Net
  • Dailymotion.Com
  • Soundcloud.Com
  • Teamviewer.Com
  • Wetransfer.Com
  • Mixcloud.Com
  • Blogspot.Com
  • Wikipedia.Org
  • Youtube.Com
  • Ammyy.Com
  • Dafont.Com
  • Tumblr.Com
  • Vimeo.Com
  • Flickr.Com

Remember: So, if you use a URL in your Fiverr Gig’ or in Fiverr description which is not in the above list’ then your Gig may be denied. However, repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.