8 Ways: How to Avoid the Target of Hackers Using Whatsapp

Alert: Hackers Can Clean Your Bank Account Using WhatsApp
Alert: Hackers Can Clean Your Bank Account Using WhatsApp

Recently a new WhatsApp scam-hit may be your next one, by using WhatsApp, hackers can deceitfully pull out cash from the bank account or e-wallets.

Another trick from, a vindictive connection is being utilized to rip clients off by taking their classified’ individual data’ for example, bank subtleties.

The report says that hackers by using WhatsApp can trap clients by tapping on a connection and moving behind the scenes to get to data put away in the telephone.

However, this unsolicited link can damage both Android and IOS devices also desktop the person who uses desktop Whatsapp.

Can WhatsApp be hacked on android? (Yes), Can WhatsApp be hacked on iPhone? (Yes).

As indicated by News18‘ the link is sent to WhatsApp users to access their devices & machines to spread infection.

CNBC said that many Whatsapp users have already been affected by the link (hackers). Compromising their private information & even allowing access to their bank information as well.

Actually, when any user of WhatsApp clicks on this scamming link then a new page will open and ask you to fill the online survey form to win a big amount gift or mobile phone, vehicle, etc.

How Can I Stop My WhatsApp Being Hacked?

So, hackers are always on the internet they can get all your information by using WhatsApp also they can take cash from your bank account.

However, there are some things that are kept in your mind while using WhatsApp’ then you can keep away from fraud.

8 Ways to Avoid the of Hackers By Using Whatsapp:

1-If an unknown person contacts you” never reply. Apart from this if someone unknown shares a link with you’ also never open it.

2-Never use unknown or public Wi-Fi as well as free wifi. So, if you use one of them they will raise the chances of hacking.

3-Do not, share your bank details with any person. Also, don’t give if someone asks you for Credit Card’ Debit Card PIN’ & Internet Banking Password.

4-If you change the phone then first go to the mobile phone’s settings & remove all the data on the phone & reset it to the factory version so that your information will be secured.

5-If someone sends you a media file’ then don’t download it. There may be a virus in that file that can hack your bank account or other accounts.

6-Incase you no longer have your phone early deactivate WhatsApp. Just send an email to Another option is to log in to WhatsApp from another phone $ then erase or deactivate WhatsApp to avoid hackers.

7-Disable auto-download on your phone. It’s very easy just you need to open WhatsApp’s Settings & then change the settings in Data & Storage Usage.

8-Never share the OTP that you received on your mobile phone for any small or big cash transactions.