15 Linkedin Background Photo Ideas That Will Make Your Profile Attractive

15 Linkedin Background Photo Ideas That Will Make Your Profile Attractive
15 Linkedin Background Photo Ideas That Will Make Your Profile Attractive

Remember that your background on LinkedIn should reinforce who you are and visually support the written portions of your Linkedin profile and make your profile stand out.

The background image is your opportunity to create a positive first impression that will help you everywhere your student, jobseeker, or business owner.

If you have a perfect LinkedIn profile then it will increase your visibility and open up more professional opportunities for yourself in every field.

The background for Linkedin image specific is not something all users even consider adjusting.

So, normally people use the default Linkedin background picture such as a blue gradient with dots and lines that are from Linkedin.

Because they don’t care to upload their own picture, for many reasons. But your Linkedin background must show your interest or field of work.

Background For LinkedIn Photo Ideas To Make Your Profile Stand Out:

So, here in this blog post, I’m sharing 15 simple ideas that can help you to choose the Linkedin background image that will make your profile stand out.

1-Benefit Your Client Desires

Zeroing in on the end benefit your client or client wants permits you to convey the worth you offer without.

Look at this example; If you working in the medical field then you must make your Linkedin background picture of healthy people engaged in enjoyable activities. Same for others just use accordingly.

2-Use A Photo Of Your Workspace

Just use a good-looking image such as a professional; use pictures of your chair or desk in the Linkedin background, and other office space such as office setup.

If your office workspace is beautiful then why you do not show others just show it.

3-Photo Of Your Tools Of Trade

An easy method to suggest to others that you are dedicated to your trade and also know what activities are featuring the tools you use in your everyday work in the background for Linkedin.

For Example:

  • If you are a photographer you must use a camera or lens.
  • So, if your writer you must use a typewriter ‘writing pad’ or laptop.
  • You can use the computer with code on the screen in case your programmer.
  • For example, you are a nutritionist however you need to show healthy meals in the Linkedin background.
  • If your motivational speaker then uses motivational background for Linkedin.

4-City Landscape

Look in case your activities are related to a particular geographical location’ however you must feature a city skyline or landmark in your Linkedin background image.

And also you can use an image of a place that relates to your personal history or location.

5-Picture Of Something That Represents Your Company

Do you feel like you really have a place in your organization and could happily advocate for its image’ items’ and culture?

So, if the answer is yes then you use a picture of the company logo’s products of the company or services, and also you can show what benefits for your specific product.

6-Physical Architecture

In case your company is famous or in a good position in the market then you can show an attractive shot of the building where you work conveying a sense of credibility and status.

So, if you don’t want to use pictures of your company building in your Linkedin background you can also use the generic image of an office lobby, building facade, and city as well.

7-Image Of An Award Or Accomplishment

If your organization just gets any award or a mention on the best influencers or top companies list.

So, you can show them to others by the Linkedin background image. You can also download free Linkedin backgrounds on different websites online.

8-Picture of Clients You Serve

So, you can also display the people pictures such as clients, customers, employees, community.

For example, if your hold a management role however use in your Linkedin background a picture of your employees to show that you value them and their work.

If you don’t have permission to use real pictures of anyone you can get them online just use them as well.

9-Shows Your Hobbies And Interests

Normally people on Linkedin never use their real pictures but other people want o know the real person that is using Linkedin.

That’s why you must use Linkedin background personal pictures that display your hobbies and interests.

10-Cause or Mission

Utilizing a picture that addresses the effect you’re attempting to make in your vocation can hoist your expert picture past your fundamental work title or job.

For instance, if you are intense about renewable energy’ consider including a picture of a wind turbine. You can use a Linkedin background image generator to create your desired background picture

11-Use A Quote

Is there a quote out there that truly addresses you?

Have you as of late gone over some fascinating industry knowledge? Allow it to move others too by involving it as your header. So, use Linkedin background photo quotes.

12-Tools Of The Trade

Highlighting normal items utilized in your profession is a straightforward method for conveying how you invest your energy.

For instance, If you’re a coder then you can show a computer screen.

A picture taker could include a nearby picture of a camera.

A coffee shop owner or maker can display coffee beans.

13-Use Something Abstract

Assuming that none of the thoughts above impact you, you can constantly go for something conceptual. As referenced previously, anything is superior to the default photograph.

A bright picture can function admirably in the event that you’re an imaginative kind, while a high contrast one can assist you with keeping your profile more serious.

14-You Doing Your Work

A picture truly can merit 1,000 words when you include a picture of you taking care of your genuine responsibilities.

In the event that you’re a creator like a writer, you could have somebody make a characteristic effort of you drafting thoughts on paper.

15-Use Text In Your Linkedin Background

Any of the picture thoughts above can be joined with a touch of text. Here are a few things you can specify in your LinkedIn pennant picture.

  1. Job Title
  2. What you can offer to customers
  3. The previous organization that you worked with in the past
  4. Use your personal hashtag
  5. Your other social media address
  6. Email address
  7. Any quote you like

Also, you can use the coding background for Linkedin. The Linkedin background photo size is 8MB and the Linkedin background photo quotes.


So after reading the above 15 Linkedin background photo ideas that will make your profile attractive, you have to learn all, there is to know about the importance of personalizing your background photo and the ideal LinkedIn banner size ‘ also learn where to get your photos from.
So, now you are ready to update your Linkedin background photo.

We hope that this blog post will help you get a good idea about what you want to feature in your Linkedin profile background. If your answer is yes please tell us about it in the comments section below.


What Background Is Best For Linkedin?

5 Linkedin background ideas to make your profile stand out

  • You can use a photo of your workspace
  • Picture your tools of the trade
  • Use a picture of something that represents your company
  • Add a picture of an award or accomplishment
  • Putt a picture of your professional community

What Color Background Is Best For Linkedin?

You can your own color as per interest or workspace but the white color background is the more effective way to get the most from your headshot on LinkedIn.

What Is My Professional Background?

Always use the background in which previous role you did, top projects worked on, significant accomplishments like promotions or awards, and professional networking company you belong to.

Does Linkedin Picture Have To Be Professional?

Absolutely yes, your LinkedIn picture must be professional. But professional doesn’t mean that seriously. Just show such as genuine, and not super serious that can make you look angry.

What Should I Write For My Background?

Write specific details like:

  • The names of past employers
  • Period of your employment
  • Previous job titles you
  • Duties and their impacts.
  • List the education or training
  • Lis the Accomplishments like as promotion