5 Steps To Choose The Right Background Photo LinkedIn

How To Choosing the proper Background Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Choosing the Right Background Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile? What Should My LinkedIn Background Photo Be? These two questions we will discuss today in this article.

Selecting the right Linkedin background is the challenge today that should be attractive to viewers so we decide to write today.

Still, if you don’t have a Linkedin profile just create one today by reading our article in detail.

So are you ready? Let’s get started now.

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1-Selection The Right Background Picture

Why LinkedIn background is important? as you know when someone visits your Linkedin profile first they will see your background picture that is why it is important to select the right Linkedin background.

It same when if you’re looking for a job then when the Hr manager, Owner, or Recruiter will visit your website also they will notice your background.

If your background is not professional what do you think will impress to Hiring Manager? of curse not.

2-Big Part of Your Linkedin Profile

The background is a big part of your Linkedin profile.

Big Part of Your Linkedin Profile

As you can see above picture how background takes up space on a Linkedin profile. so keep it professional and updated according to your skills and expertise.

3-Few Free Website For Background Pictures

These are some websites from which you can choose background pictures, free and professional.

You can select any type of picture like business, technology, Natural, etc.

How To Choosing the Right Background Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile?

as you see in the above picture so you can select as you want to according to your demand skills and expertise.

4-How To Upload Linkedin Background Picture

Open your profile first and go to view the profile see in the below picture

How To Choosing the Right Background Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile?

So it’s simple and easy to upload pictures in the Linkedin background.

5-LinkedIn Background Photo Size

As we discuss above some websites if you download from here then no need to worry about size because these are ideal sizes.

So, if you want to create a customized picture then the dimensions 1584 x 396 pixels are recommended LinkedIn background photo.

Hope now you understand the question of how to choose the right background photo for your Linkedin profile? after reading this article.


What Is The Best Background To Have On Linkedin?

Below are some tips for LinkedIn background ideas to make your profile stand out

  • Use a picture of your professional community clients, or employees.
  • Putt a personal photo that shows your hobbies and interests
  • Use text in your LinkedIn background photo as well
  • Upload a picture of your city’s skyline
  • Write a quote that inspires you

What Color Background Is Best For Linkedin?

A bright single-color background is perfect for a professional photo. But also you must avoid white as it’s ubiquitous. Also, consider something such as oxford blue or soft charcoal grey.

What Is The Best Background Color For a Linkedin Profile Picture?

In case your profile picture is not recognizable, they will not link to you. By having a white background and a tight crop. So use wisely.

Does Linkedin Picture Have To Be Professional?

Absolutely yes, your photo must be professional. But professional doesn’t mean as serious just makes to look genuine, and not super serious or intense, which can make you such as angry.

What Size Should Linkedin Background Image Be?

The LinkedIn profile background image is a 4:1 aspect ratio. However, LinkedIn recommends the image that are 1584 pixels wide and 396 pixels tall.