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How To Use Linkedin Properly To Find A Jobs In Dubai?

How To Use Linkedin Properly To Find A Jobs In Dubai?
How To Use Linkedin Properly To Find A Jobs In Dubai?

Is Linkedin best to find jobs In Dubai or anywhere? Finding jobs in Dubai can be challenging, however, there are other resources such as Linkedin if you use them properly then you can increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Linkedin is the best platform in this Middle East country especially in Dubai for professional connections to find jobs.

What Is LinkedIn?

Normally Linkedin is social media platform such as Facebook, and Twitter but on Linkedin, you can make professional connections, they may be employees, HR, companies, etc. The main work is that for business only not like family friends etc. However, in Dubai Linkedin is used highly for jobs search.

13 Top Best Ways To Use Linkedin To Get A Jobs In Dubai

In this blog post about the Linkedin jobs in Dubai, you will get many tips for having an excellent Linkedin profile and knowing how to perform the job search on this professional online network platform.

1-Stay Your Profile Up To Date

LinkedIn individuals with a profile picture are 15 times bound to get site hits, while the people who post abilities are 14 times bound to have profile views contrasted with the individuals who don’t.

Another benefit is that Linkedin is 43,000skills that will help you to stand out from your profile.

So, if you want to find jobs in Dubai very fast then you must make sure to regularly update your Linkedin profile add a profile photo, and include your skills as well.

2-Highlight Recent Experience

Add your recent experience as well in your Linkedin profile to stand out, so this is proof to your viewer. This is very important mainly when you are actively engaging with connections and companies to land a job. Update your last job duties and responsibilities and also skills as well. What software you are using in this company lists them.

3-Current Skills And Objectives

Make sure if you are using Linkedin to find jobs in UAE then never leave anything out about your current skills and objectives. In your Linkedin headline mention your main objective if it makes sense and also share all of your skills on your page.

If you miss this then Hr or employer will ignore your Linkedin profile and never consider you for any kinds of jobs, in case your looking in UAE.

4-Up To Date Your Linkedin Headline

When an HR manager or employer will search for you on Linkedin they will see your profile picture, your name, and your Linkedin headline, the headline will be listed below the Linkedin profile picture.

So, for freshers that are looking for jobs in Dubai then highlight in the headline what you are doing and what position you are looking for in which location as well.

5-HR Know You’re Available

Looking for jobs in Dubai how you will announce them on Linkedin? For the announcement, you have to use your Linkedin headline.

Open your profile for the job(openwork) and let it will look in green color also mention your skills in your profile so people when searching specific keywords your Linkedin profile will be shown to them.

6-Build Your Network To Increase Connections

In UAE Linkedin is the best website to find jobs for freshers, for this you need to increase your connections. Because the connections can exponentially increase your exposure and access to other connections.

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with people you know by importing your contact lists from sites such as Gmail and mobile. More connections on Linkedin more chances to get jobs in Dubai.

7-Research The Companies That Follow Them

Now do some research on the companies you are interested in or relate to your field and follow them. Linkedin jobs make it easy during the job hunt to find the companies and then follow these companies as well.

Start to build a list of the companies that you like to work for and search for them on Linkedin to start to follow them. By adopting this way you can easily get Linkedin UAE jobs.

8-Advanced Search Option

Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search option and do a search on Linkedin Dubai office jobs, admin jobs, and accountant jobs as per your field.

You can find the connection that is working in a specific company where you want to apply then you can send them a personal text as well.


Once you are ready to reach out to any company. You can ask your connections to make an introduction to someone they are connected to within the company. And ask about the company questions as well.

10-Connect With Your College Or University

Another excellent way is that start searching for your college or university classmates and connects with them. You can reach out to them and share this common interest to help you to find your desired job.

11-Be Active On Linkedin

Linkedin jobs are best for active, more you are active on Linkedin more chance of jobs in Dubai you have. Be dynamic on LinkedIn, and as Weiner proposes, be valid and current.

Share your articles videos and updates. Participate with groups and interact with others on LinkedIn members. As you will try to interact involved in a professional way the more you will be noticed and build your recognition.

12-Participate Linkedin Professional Groups

In case someone is looking for jobs in Dubai for foreigners, you must participate in Linkedin professional groups. Use the advance search option of Linkedin and search groups in your area and get involved.

13-Future Boss and Executive Team

For example, if you are looking for jobs in Dubai and you have an invitation for an interview then you can find your future boss and interviews team on Linkedin.

By this, you can check their interest and much more information about them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs In Dubai Linkedin:

How Can A Foreigner Get A Job In Dubai?

If foreigners want to work in Dubai they need to have a valid visa. Foreigners will need to be sponsored by your employer. In case you come on a visit visa and search the jobs in UAE if you select the position you are looking for this company will provide you a visa as well.

What Jobs Are On-Demand In Dubai?

Below are some jobs listed that are on-demand in Dubai.

  • Data-Entry Specialists or Admin Assistants
  • Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence Jobs
  • Social Media and Marketing Specialists
  • Jobs in Risk and Security Management
  • Recruitment and Hr. Jobs in Dubai
  • Jobs in Dubai Legal Sector
  • Accounting and Finance Jobs
  • Engineers

Which Skills Are In Demand In UAE?

Below are the top highest-demand options for you to consider

  • Human Resources Officer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Compliance Officer
  • Registered Nurse
  • Teacher

How Do You Find Jobs On Linkedin?

To search for jobs in Dubai on Linkedin click the Jobs icon on the Linkedin then type what you are looking for in the search box.

Also, search results by using the filters near the top of the window, such as

  • Company
  • Recent Postings
  • Experience Level

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