What Happened With Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram?

Why Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram Was Not Working

Three social media platforms that are owned by Facebook { Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram } stop working yesterday around 5:00 PM.

Also, some of the other products of this company stop working such as Workplace and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp start to work after 6 hours but services were still not good looking like spotty.

The original website Facebook was not working properly.

Also, the other products:

  • Instagram.
  • WhatsApp.

were accessible but sending messages and new content was not loaded at all.

But, interruption of service came amid mounting difficulties for the company.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is the layer and American politician who claims that Facebook plays a negative role for the community, especially for young girls.

The company knows that they spreading hate, giving misinformation, and violence.

That’s why Facebook stopped its services and try to hide all evidence, but Facebook did not accept this claim.

After that, Facebook tweets on their Twitter account that we are sorry to all our business community and other public.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said on his Facebook account.

Why Did Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram Go Down?

Our server system is unable to communicate, the issue mounted, that the reason to causing outages across whole systems.

“In the statement, Facebook said to USA Today“.

Sorry to everyone who was affected by the outages on our platforms today?

We know billions of people and businesses around the world depend on our products and services to stay connected.

We appreciate your patience as we come back online.”

Facebook Emailed to USA TODAY:

Also, Facebook apologized and also thanks its users for forbearing, did not say anything that might have caused the outage.

Also, the Downdetector that gives the status of websites, said that it has seen the largest Facebook outrage.

Over 10.6 Million reports all around the World and added that this outrage was caused by an internal routing mistake to an internet domain.

Is Facebook Sell Data To Dark Web?

Security master says that happened because of interior missteps.

So, on other social media platforms they share that Facebook offers to sell the data.

Data Compromised After Facebook Outage?

Facebook denies that they did not sell the user data to anyone.

Also, they said we are aware and get back to normal as soon as possible.

Thye share news on Twitter:

Also, the team of Instagram’s public relations tweeted about the outage, saying that.

Instagram and friends having “a bit of a hard time right now.”