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Best Resume Format In Word
Best Resume Format In Word

A resume template or format is an essential tool for any job seeker in both word or PDF. It helps you organize your information into a format that makes it easier for employers to read. However, this guide will teach you how to create a resume in Microsoft Word.

While there are countless resume formats to choose from, the most effective one is a functional resume format that focuses on your skills, achievements, and experience.

Functional resumes are ideal for job seekers who are looking for a new position, but those with a long history of work can benefit from a Combination resume format.

There are also many other options available, including the simple plain text format, which is the most widely used resume format.

Types of Resume Format

If you’re looking for a new job, you need a good resume. So, here’s what you should do to make sure yours stands out.

1-Functional Resumes

Functional resumes emphasize your experience, skills, and achievements. A functional resume highlights your most relevant qualifications up front, avoiding the pitfalls of the chronological format. When writing a functional resume, include context in each functional description to help employers understand what skills you have that match the job you are applying for.

Highlight your achievements and skills with examples of how you demonstrated them in the past. For example, if you were a classroom teacher, you might highlight your skills as a good researcher. If you run a political campaign, you could emphasize your customer service skills.

2-Combination Resumes

This resume format in word highlight your work history. So, if you want to highlight your skills and work history while avoiding repetitive information, a combination resume format is for you.

Unlike chronological resumes which emphasize each individual position’s duties, combination resumes show your achievements over a long period of time.

They are an effective choice if you are looking for a new position or if you’ve recently changed career paths. However, a combination resume will tend to be longer than other formats.

3-Simple Resume Format in Word

You can make your resume stand out from the rest by using a simple resume format in Word. For example, you can bold or underline section headings. There are also several ways to add a line to your document.

Word allows you to use hyphens, borders, and horizontal lines. So, to add a line to your document, click on the Home toolbox and select Borders. From there, choose Bottom Border. This will insert a line at the bottom of your document.

4-Plain Text Resume In Word Format

This resume or cv works better for older versions of ATS software. So, it is important to use conservative fonts, as these work better with the older versions of ATS software. This means that Times Roman or Cambria fonts will not work in these programs.

You should avoid script fonts as well, and the smallest font size in the body of the resume should be 11 points. Otherwise, it may cause problems. The top and bottom margins should be 2.5 cm.

The Best Resumes Format In Word For Jobs You Want

If you are looking for a new job, you need a good resume. Here’s what you should do to make sure yours stands out.

2-The Best Resumes For Entry Level Positions

You’ve probably heard that resumes aren’t as effective anymore. That’s true, but there are still ways to stand out among other applicants. A well-written resume will help you land an interview with any company.

3-The Best Resumes To Target Mid-Level Positions

If you are looking for a new position or mid-level you might not have much luck finding one right away. It takes time to build up a network of contacts and find out what companies are hiring. So, how do you make sure you stand out when applying for jobs?

4-The Best Resumes to Target Senior Level Positions

A good resume should highlight your skills and experiences. You need to tailor your resume to each individual company’s needs. This means making sure your resume highlights the skills and experience that will help you land the job. If your resume is not stand out and then you are targeting a senior-level position it will definitely reject you.

Templates available in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office has a number of different resume templates to choose from. However, most are written in Times New Roman font and use a similar format to other professional documents.

While it might not be as eye-catching as a creative resume created with other software, this format is able to impress recruiters by ensuring that the content stays under one page.

Many of the resume templates also include a skills section, which allows candidates to highlight their languages or other accomplishments.

FAQ: Resume Format in Word

How Do I Format A Resume In Word?

Use a template/Format to create a resume in Microsoft Word

  • In 1st Step to File > New.
  • And Then Go to the search box, type Resume or Cover Letter
  • Double-click the template you want to use
  • In the final Step Replace the placeholder text with your own information

What Are The Rules Of Formatting A Resume?

Best Resume Format Tips

  • Must Be concise
  • Make One page
  • Maintain font size to Ten To Twelve points and also set margins to no less than 0.5.
  • Always use past tense in describing past positions and then use present tense for your current job.
  • Make sure never to use the word “I” or other first-person pronouns etc.

Is It OK To Send Resume In Word Format?

Yes but that PDF is becoming more widely accepted. However, submitting your resume in Microsoft Word format is still the safest. by sending a resume format in word that is easy and simple to read.

How Do You Make A Modern Resume On Microsoft Word?

Below are the steps just use the following steps for creating in Microsoft word that will make your resume and CV stand out

  1. Select a resume template
  2. On top of your name and contact details
  3. Add an optional headshot
  4. Add winning profile
  5. Make work and educational experience
  6. Mention your resume icons and skills
  7. In the end, never forget to review the finished product

What Font Is Best For Resume?

The best and most famous fonts for your resume are listed below:

  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Helvetica
  • Verdana
  • Georgia
  • Tahoma
  • Arial


So, now you will decide which is the best resume format in word for you. If you are looking for a new job, you might be wondering what kind of resume template you should use. There are plenty of different options available. So, you will want to make sure you choose one that suits your needs. However, the above are some tips for choosing the right resume template for your next job search.