What Is The Salary For the Operations Manager In Pakistan?

How much salary for Operations Manager in Pakistan
How much salary for Operations Manager in Pakistan

The job title of the operations manager is the top of job position for salary should be high in Pakistan, they are responsible for major top activities in any organization or company, it may production of the company goods and services or its depend on nature of business.

The operations manager is responsible for:
  • Production of goods and services
  • Responsible operations process
  • Controlling
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Performance
  • Improving
  • Strategy and final outcome

They are playing a very important role in top management so the operations manager contributes to take major decisions, that’s why they have a good salary as well.

Helping the hr manager for hiring ass well.

What is the qualification of Operation Manager?

In fact, the degree to become an operation manager must be a bachelor, in administration, hr, or commerce. He should get some experience as well so the salary will be low at the start.

Who reports to Operations Manager?

The operations manager report directly to top management, it depends that what position the company as if he is working in a big company he must report to the CEO.

How much paid to operations manager in Pakistan?

So, the salary for an operations manager depends on the company and experience, skills that how large a company is where you working as an operations manager.

For example operations manager in a bank, salary is high in Pakistan, but I will show you the real result with actual proof.

Likewise, according to Glassdoor the operations executive/manager salary in Pakistan is 64k per month. However, this number for salary is judged based on 99 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Operations Manager employees.

salary for operations manager

So, as you can see above screen by Glassdoor 64k is the salary for an operations manager in Pakistan.

Thus, the average salary for an Operations Manager is Rs 806,926 Rs according to Payscale,

salary for operations manager