What is freelancing mean? How To Start Freelancing In 11 Steps?

What is freelancing mean? How To Start Freelancing In 11 Steps?
What is freelancing mean? How To Start Freelancing In 11 Steps?

Are you thinking about starting freelancing but you don’t know how to start? Then this blog post is only for you.

I write the ultimate guide on the best way to show how to start freelancing.

So, if you want to start freelancing as a content writer, WordPress developer, or graphic designer, this blog post guide, will help you completely how to start freelancing.

What Is Freelancing Mean?

Remember that freelancing is not easy as your think, this is complicated.

Freelancing is getting very famous all around the world the people who are not close to this new mode of work ask” what is freelancing mean?

The person who is self-employed is called a freelancer, no need to work for their employer from nine mornings to five evenings.

Who Is Freelancer?

As we explain above that a freelancer is a person who is self-employed and a freelancer who offer services to many online customers but operates as an own boss.

The freelancer is independent he/she is the one who will fix the rate for their services, he will not move to clients because their clients will be online freelancing marketplace all around the World.

The freelancer offers services without involving a third party.

He can offer different services depending on what skills or expertise they have some examples are, graphic designer, WordPress developer, Article/blog writer, data entry, web designing, virtual assistant, and social media marketing.

How To Start Freelancing In 2022?

So, now let’s start with how to start freelancing in simple 11 steps.

1-Right Equipment

It’s not easy as I explain to you for starting you need to invest the money as well in their term buying some important equipment.

This is not the rich scheme where you will become rich within days, need hard work, time and money.

That’s why most freelancers fail.

There are many freelancers asking the same question that they can start freelancing just using their smartphone. The only answer is from me no, never.

As we know that smartphone has only limited options so you need a computer or laptop.

There is some essential equipment that you need before starting freelancing.

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Wifi
  • Small Office and Equipment
  • Extra PC for Backup (Optional)

2-Goals For Freelancing

Any work or project without a goal is nothing.

For example, if you don’t have your destination, then you cannot get your vehicle and start driving, same you also can’t start if you don’t have a destination.

It is very hard to move in the right direction without setting a goal.

For example, your goal is to earn 2000$ next month or 10,000 $ in this year, etc.

3-Choose Skills For Freelancing

The most important step is which services you want to offer to your clients so for this you need to choose the right skills.

Find the skills that your good and demand skills in the marketplace.

How to know the demand for skills? for example, if you want to start blog writing then you need to go marketplace, Upwork, Fiverr, and search blog writer freelancer and check if these skills demand or not.

If there are many freelancers that offer blog writing then it means it demands skills, so the same formula you can use for other’s skills.

The best way to select the right skills that I apply in my life is that start to write skills in your notepad list what you have in your mind or knows, WordPress, graphic design, social media marketing, content writing, etc.

So, read again and think about all skills that you list, next day repeat and now decide which one is best for your almost your mind thinking 2 or 3.

Now start learning and working on those skills for at least one week so after a week your mind automatically says that this skill is best for me( the skills that you like and feel easy to work on and you believe that I can do it).

So, this is the best way to choose the right skills.

Try it.

If you have skills already, and use them in the local market then it is not enough you need to know how you can sell them online in freelancing marketplaces.

However, you must learn how to write a blog for online customers. Learn how to write SEO articles. How to make the logo.

You can learn the skills from youtube, and read blogs and books related to your skills.

4-Target Your Clients

So, after deciding on the skills that are good and more profitable for you, now is the time that you to decide who will pay you or where you cal sell them.

Decide the skills that you choose who need them, you work for who?

Remember, everything is possible, however only if you believe in yourself and work towards it.

List your clients or companies in notepad and start to work with them.

Understanding the right client and their mind is very important in freelancing.

5-Package Skills Into a Service

Selecting the skills is one step for freelance business the next step is that convert your skills into service and sell them.

How will you actually use your skills for someone else?

What service do you provide with those skills that you have learned?

The important is that you need to know the difference between skills and services.

Email copywriting is a service & Writing is a skill in the freelancing term.

WordPress skills and making a website are a service.

Coding skills and making a mobile-friendly website are a service.

So, think of your skills as a service if you want to sell them.

So, how you can inspire your client why can hire you?

Telling only that hire me for copywriting then it’s enough.

“I will write search engine optimization and proficient articles.”

Search engine optimization (SEO) right?

So. if we can further explain or try to inspire.

“I will write search engine optimization and proficient articles in 24hrs.”

So now the client knows why I will pay you? he knows exactly what you’re promising” & this is the problem that I have, need a solution.

Remember that clients pay you for solutions. They pay for better results.

So focus on what result are they looking for?

Tell to the client why need to hire you?

More clear, more successful in selling your service.

Freelance writer meaning not only writing, explaining it.

Customers generally only hire you because they want below three things:
  • More clients’ more customers’ Followers’ and subscribers they need.
  • To increase revenue and reduce cost ( improve profit)
  • Feel good about themselves.

More clients, more revenue.

During the conversation with your customer, what do you need?
  • Tell them in detail that If working with me then they can make extra money long term than the cost to hire me.
  • Describe how working with me will help them look good’ feel good, or have a higher status in the eyes of people they care about.

So, If you can show how 100$ today becomes 200$ tomorrow’ then you’ll not run out of paid job.

6-Create Online A Portfolio

Trust is a must.

Why do you need a portfolio to start freelancing?

Not all projects or customers are easy to hire them, sometimes customers will need a reason why trust you?

That’s why building trust is a must.

So, what is the best way to build trust with a new customer when you start freelancing?

By showing them examples of you are previous projects that are similar to the work they are taking into considering hiring for you.

The portfolio work must be in line up with the services you are offering.

If you want to create a WordPress website’ then never show it in the portfolio with coding websites.

If you want to make your own blog website or portfolio buy hosting get up to an 85% discount.

7-Start Freelancing Part-Time

Freelancing is not a cup of tea.

Especially, marketing yourself’ selling your services & dealing with clients can be enormous.

If your beginner and still unable to understand whether freelancing is right for me or not, then start freelancing part-time.

8-Search the Right Freelance Platform

This is a very important step in freelancing that how you will find jobs and clients.

The mostly freelancer do this mistake when they join immediately big freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru.

Because there are billion of freelancers registered all around the world it means that there is high competition on those freelancing sites.

The best option is that just start freelancing on the new website.

9-Demand The Right Price

Always, demanding the right price for your services.

Because if your price is not correct the clients will never even consider hiring you for their project.

So, in the start, the best way to select the right price is you need to visit a different freelancing website and check how much freelancers are charging in the same niche that you working in.

Because you are a beginner, it is not good for you to charge the same rate as experienced freelancers.

10-Send Your First Proposal

It is very important to send a winning proposal.

If you want to become a successful freelancer learn how to write, how to talk, chose your words wisely, and learn how to sell your services because you need to learn effective bidding points for a cover letter.

Further, you can read in detail 7 Effective Bidding Points in Freelancing.

11-Deliver On Time

So, once your start your first project on freelancing then you must deliver the project on time as you agree with your client.

Give something extra to your client for example if you write blog of 500 words but you send them 700 words then your clients will be happy, will give you tips and a 5-star rating as well.

Also, you have more chances to get more projects.


Now you’re ready to enter in freelancing world.

As we discuss in detail what is freelancing mean? how to start freelancing in just simple 11 steps just follow those steps and start to work today.

Don’t say that you will start tomorrow or next month just start now.

Best of luck.