Can You List The Best Jobs In The UAE?

Top Best Highest Paid Jobs Opening In The UAE, Dubai
Top Best Highest Paid Jobs Opening In The UAE, Dubai

As we know that Dubai is the top best and famous city for jobs in UAE, almost over 89% of people a from others country they are living in UAE.

They play important role in the growth of the economy, by performing investment and other activities in the UAE-Dubai. So, you called that Dubai is the best city in UAE for high paying jobs as well.

Jobs are good and you can do it in UAE-Dubai but you have to keep in mind some other factors as well.

The Factors to Consider Before Taking a Best Jobs in UAE-Dubai:

  • Does UAE-Dubai offer an excellent work-life balance?
  • Does the job pay a good salary in UAE-Dubai?
  • What are your future career prospects?

But, there are some more factors also but job salary offer is most important, as the professional who moves to Dubai for jobs they told.

In UAE-Dubai there are 2 of the world’s busiest ports’ such as s Jabel Ali Free Zone, but most people think that Dubai only depends on an oil refinery, actually, this is not fact, UAE is free trade country gives the great opportunity to everyone to invest and start any startup.

UAE is the safest country in the world, that’s why it attracts an investor to come and do business by this reason they create thousands of jobs per month.

In this blog post, we will share with you the top 30 best jobs in the UAE-Dubai. It will help you to start your career in UAE, and find your dream job, to spend a luxurious life.

What Are the Top 30 Best Highest-Paid Jobs Openings In UAE-Dubai?

1-Senior Electrical, Mechanical, And Plumbing Engineers
2-Retail Head Buyers and Merchandisers
3-Accounting and Finance Professionals
4-Public Relations Managing Director
5-Business Development Manager
6-Senior Human Resources Officer
7-Artificial Intelligence Engineer
8-Restaurant General Managers
9-Chief Executive Officers (CEO)
10-Management Consultant
11-Cybersecurity Engineer
12-Supply Chain Manager
13-Real Estate Consultant
14-Operations Manager
15-Call Center Manager
16-Physical Therapists
17-Investment Banker
18-Marketing Experts
19-Software Engineer
20-Creative Directors
21-Principal Scientist
22-College Professor
23-Top IT Managers
24-Senior Bankers
25-Bank Manager
26-Data Scientist

1-Senior Electrical, Mechanical, And Plumbing Engineers

What does a senior electrical, mechanical, plumbing engineer do?

Senior electrical, mechanical, and plumbing administrators/engineers are regularly responsible for key parts of development projects In the UAE-Dubai.

More often than not, they will zero in on one key region, for example, the pipes part of development projects.

Especially, the construction is a big investment in the Uae thousands of buildings are under construction or in start to build every year. That’s why big demand for senior electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineers as well.

So, you’ll regularly require over 18 years of experience in this field to get or apply to work in these jobs and have a degree in mechanical or electrical designing/another related field.

So, the average salary is around 60,000 AED per month however, the salary range is 35000 AED to 65000 AED.

2-Retail Head Buyers and Merchandisers

What are the duties and responsibilities of a retail head buyer and Merchandiser?

We can say that the main duty and responsibility of retail head buyers and merchandisers are accountable for essential choices affecting the brand.

For instance, the ahead purchaser will regularly pick the items that the organization sells’ and eventually, this will affect the organization’s benefits’ what the company sells it should be bought on time and delivered it.

Most retail head purchasers and merchandisers will have degrees in promoting or business. All things considered now and again retail head purchasers and merchandisers will begin as clerks and take/learn in the business from the beginning.

The average monthly salary is around 50,000 AED. In other words, the Salary range starts from 35000 AED to 50,000 AED.

3-Accounting and Finance Professionals

Each organization has a bookkeeper/Accountant and (CFO) supervising the organization’s benefit and misfortune”.

The work accompanies high tension since it requires intense choices’ strong monetary information’ and choices affecting the organization and worker’s future.

In any case’ so’ it’s consistently one of the Most outstanding Paying Jobs in UAE-Dubai.

Especially, when the UAE-Dubai government announces the VAT( value-added tax ) than the importance of Accountant is high in UAE-Dubai with the highest paying jobs.

So this is another best job in UAE – Dubai.

80,000 AED is the average salary per month. In other words, the salary range starts from 50,0000 AED to 95000 AED.

4-Public Relations Managing Director

So the public relations managing director, will deal with customer gatherings and decide correspondence’.

So, they are a fundamental piece of the organization’s image and will acquire significant pay. Furthermore’ they should advance a positive organizational picture in the media.

In case you’re hoping to become Public relations managing director/want this job. Then, you’ll need to have well experience in PR and media, after that you can get this job in UAE-Dubai. So, these are the highest-paid best jobs in the Dubai – UAE per month.

The salary range starts from 80,000 AED to 95,000 AED in other words, the average monthly salary is 100,000 AED.

5-Business Development Manager

What is the role of a business development manager?

Well, the question the answer is that A business development manager is liable for growing an organization’s customer rundown and profile’.

You will have to have a decent head for business and correspondence yet additionally have resilient relationship-building abilities/skills as well.

In case you’re hoping to turn it into your career or want to become a business manager, it assists with having loads of involvement working in organizations.

Likewise, on the off chance that you have a degree in business and showcasing/marketing, you will stick out.

So, the average salary is 15000 AED per month however, the salary range starts from 10,000 AED to 20,000 AED.

6-Senior Human Resources Officer

What are the duties and responsibilities of a human resource officer?

The duties and responsibilities of Human resources offices are accountable for recruiting staff’ dealing with staff issues and guaranteeing representatives have great mental prosperity in the workspace’.

Even though few organizations are reevaluating their HR divisions’ many organizations actually have their own HR office. So, there are the best jobs in the UAE for females.

In case you’re hoping to turn into a senior HR official’ you will need to have long stretches of involvement working in HR and Hr degree you need also’.

The average salary is 30,000 AED monthly, in other words, the salary range starts from 23000 AED to 32000 AED per month.

7-Artificial Intelligence Engineer

What does an artificial engineer do❓

As the 21st-century proceeds, the artificial intelligence engineer professional is turning out to be increasingly more significant around the world’.

Dubai utilizes AI all through the city, and computerized reasoning architects are intensely popular”. So more demand more jobs more candidates need with high paying salary, and this is the best jobs in Dubai for freshers.

In case you’re hoping to turn into an artificial intelligence engineer’ Then you must have to need a degree in IT or software engineering/computer engineer as well.

How much does an artificial intelligence engineer make money?

The average monthly salary of an artificial intelligence engineer is around 30,000 AED however, the salary range is 20,000 AED to 30,000 AED.

8-Restaurant General Managers

What are the duties and responsibilities of a general manager of a restaurant?

The restaurant general manager’s duties and responsibilities are that accountable for running the everyday tasks of a restaurant or hotel. As we know that Dubai is famous for tourism’ that’s the reason there are extraordinary restaurants. So, that is why there are many positions in the restaurant for restaurant general manager’.

Accordingly,’ the work is consistently one of the most incredible Job Openings in Dubai – UAE.

In case you are hoping to turn into a restaurant general manager you might require a degree in bookkeeping or money/finance, this is the best jobs in the UAE.

But remember that some restaurant managers start by tending to tables and moving gradually up.

How much does a general manager of a restaurant make money?

The average monthly salary of the general manager of the restaurant is 45,000 however, the Salary range starts from 20,000 AED to 60,000 AED.

9-Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

What does a (CEO) Chief executive officers do in a company every day?

In fact, Each organization has a CEO driving from the top. A CEO settles on pivotal choices on the organization’s main concern and has the obligations of its workers on their hands.

Besides, the work will in general be exceptionally high-tension, and it’s consistently one of the Most amazing Paying Jobs in Dubai.

How much does a chief executive officer make money?

The average salary of chief executive officers is 100,000 AED however, normally salary starts from 80,000 AED to 180,000 AED.

10-Management Consultant

What does a management consultant do?

The management consultant assumes a basic part in an organization’s prosperity since they take care of business issues and advance development’.

They will likewise check out the organization’s information for example’ benefit and misfortune and staff turnover to perceive how they can further develop the execution/profit and loss of the company.

In case you’re hoping to turn into a management consultant you must have a degree in graduate training from university, one of the best jobs in the UAE.

How much does a management consultant make money?

The average salary of the management consultant is around 40,000 AED however, the salary of the management consultant starts from a minimum of 20,000 AED to a Maximum of 45,000 AED.

11-Cybersecurity Engineer

What does a cybersecurity engineer do exactly?

Usually, cybersecurity engineers are a significant piece of cybersecurity on the grounds that cyberattacks and cybercrime are expanding each day.

Countless privately owned businesses are presently recruiting their network safety designs as opposed to reevaluating’ carrying many open positions to Dubai’.

You will require a degree in IT or software engineering and also you need a good experience of around 3 to 5 years in this field to get this job in Dubai – UAE.

Do cyber security engineers make a lot of money?

Of course, yes, cyber security engineer makes a lot of money in Dubai, the average monthly salary is 35,000 AED, however, The salary starts from 30,000 AED to 40,000 AED per month.

12-Supply Chain Manager

What does the supply chain manager do?

A supply chain manager will deal with an organization’s store network’ and it is a significant part of an organization since’ supposing that the stock is off-base’ the organization can deal with enormous monetary issues’.

Actually, they do, organize, and oversee all activities involved in the identification’ acquisition’ production’ and distribution of the company’s goods/communities, top best jobs in the UAE.

What is the qualification for a supply chain manager?

If you’re looking for the job of supply chain manager in UAE you have a degree in finance, business, and also 2 to 5 years experience.

What is a supply chain manager’s salary?

Also, the salary is very good for this position, we can say that the average monthly salary is 80,000 AED and the salary range is 70,000 AED to 90,000 AED.

13-Real Estate Consultant

What does a real estate consultant do?

Real estate consultants help private people and organizations put resources into business or private property.

Even if, the pandemic (Covide-19) has hit the Dubai housing market hard’ you can bring in extraordinary cash as a land expert’.

Actually, they help to buy and sell the property or give advice to make more profit.

Moreover, you want to become a real estate consultant than do not need any specific degree or qualification in Dubai.

However, you must have experience in this field, the real estate consulting firms hire you at a low salary if you don’t have experience.

What is a real estate consultant’s salary?

The average monthly salary of a real estate consultant is 9000 AED however, the salary starts from 7000 AED to 15000 AED per month.

14-Operations Manager

What is the role of an operations manager?

In reality, operation managers are probably the best chiefs’ ensure an organization is working productively and adequately’.

Also, they can work in any industry’ yet development is a predominant industry for tasks administrators in Dubai, So this is also the best jobs in the UAE.

The capabilities you wanted rely upon the business you choose to enter’ yet development regularly requires a degree in construction management from a recognized university.

What is the salary for an operations manager?

The average monthly salary is 17000 AED however the salary range starts from 12000 AED to 25000 AED. So, this is a good salary you can start to earn by joining an operation manager in a big company.

15-Call Center Manager

What are the duties of a call center manager? or what does a call center manager do?

Dubai has an exceptionally worldwide populace’ with English speakers from each side of the globe’.

That has implied a sharp expansion in the quantity of call focuses in Dubai – UAE’ and call focus directors will guarantee the middle is performing appropriately’.

In case you’re hoping to turn into a call center manager, a degree is useful, yet many call place directors start by chipping away at the telephones and learning the work’.

What is the salary for a call center manager?

The average monthly salary of a call center manager is 7000 AED however Salary range starts from 4000 AED to 12000 AED.

16-Physical Therapists

What is a physical therapist do?

Physical therapists will survey and inspect actual issues or problems with their patients in their clinic or hospital. Whenever they have made a conclusion’ they will begin restoration’ frequently utilizing methods like manual treatment’ electrotherapy’ and remedial exercise’.

If you are looking for a job position as a physical therapist in UAE – Dubai then you need a degree in physical therapy to get this dream job. Which regularly takes around four years, contingent upon the country, another best jobs in the UAE.

Do physical therapists get paid well?

Yes the physical therapists get paid well, the average monthly salary is 7500 AED. However, the salary range is a minimum of 5000 AED, a maximum of 9000 AED.

17-Investment Banker

What does an investment banker do?

Investment workers in the money business and they prompt organizations’ legislatures, and different establishments on making the best speculations dependent on the current market and monetary patterns’. Actually, they provide financial services to companies, individuals, corporations,s or any government institutions.

Investment brokers regularly start after graduation by working for enormous banks and moving gradually up the stepping stool’.

How much does an investment banker earn?

The average monthly of an investment banker is around 46000 AED however, the salary range starts at a minimum of 32000 AED and a maximum of 50000 AED.

18-Marketing Experts

What does a marketing specialist do daily?

Marketing expert is vital to an organization’s achievement in its industry’ and head advertising officials (CMO) assume a basic part in fostering a brand’. In 2021 promoting has developed into computerized advertising and customary showcasing’ like TV and radio’.

All things considered, advertising specialists/marketing experts have a ton of strain to comprehend the latest things and get results. The significant compensations regularly mirror that strain, and the work is frequently one of the High Paying Jobs in Dubai.

Does a marketing expert have a good salary?

Yes, the marketing expert has a good salary, an average monthly salary of 90,000 AED, and the salary range is 70,000 AED to 95,000 AED.

19-Software Engineer

What exactly does a software engineer do?

The answer is that the Software engineer, research, and make new programming/software. They will apply their design experience and logical strategies to make fantastic easy to understand programming items.

You’ll require a degree in IT or software engineering to find a new line of work as a PC researcher, So the software engineer is the best jobs in the UAE.

Does a software engineer have a good salary?

Absolutely, the software engineer has a good salary, the average monthly salary is 12,000 AED, the salary range is 9,000 AED to 25,000 AED.

20-Creative Directors

What do creative directors do in a day?

They are answerable for assisting organizations with making content. The substance could be promoting, radio, or TV-based’ however’ numerous innovative chiefs don’t have a degree in this field’.

In any case’ in case you’re hoping to turn into an innovative chief’, you will regularly have to get going as an alumni learner at a major organization and become familiar with the inventive approach.

What is the creative director’s salary?

The salary of creative directors is 48,000 AED average monthly salary and the salary range is 30,000 AED to 65,000 AED.

21-Principal Scientist

What does a principal data scientist do?

A key researcher will lead a group of researchers in arranging’ directing’ and assessing the analyses. Perhaps the best advantage of being a vital researcher in Dubai is meeting all requirements for the Golden Visa plot’ prompting Emarati citizenship.”

Most head researchers will have PHDs in their examination fields and numerous long stretches of involvement prior to turning into a central researcher, so this is the best jos in the UAE.

What is a principal scientist’s salary?

The average monthly salary is around 40,000 AED and the salary range is 33,000 AED to 48,000 AED.

22-College Professor

What is a college professor’s job?

Actually, they are responsible for preparing course materials and teaching classes to graduate and undergraduate students. The College professors show understudies in Dubai a wide range of subjects. You will greatly affect the existence of your understudies’ and the work is satisfying. You can work for schools or universities in the UAE contingent upon your capabilities.

Also, school educators frequently have a Ph.D. or then again degrees in their picked subject.

Do college professors get paid well?

The average monthly salary of a college professor is 26,000 AED however the salary range starts from 20,000 AED to 40,000 AED in UAE-Dubai, (the best jobs in the UAE).

23-Top IT Managers

What does an IT manager do?

Top IT supervisors are engaged with the arrangement’ project plan’ and business arrangements. Also, the job comprises of getting sorted out structure’ setting up data innovation offices and characterizing strategy and method.”

In a perfect world, you will need no less than 12 years of involvement with the IT business to get this job’ and most IT supervisors will move gradually up from IT investigators. In any case, when you’re at the top’ it’s one of the most incredible Job Openings in Dubai.

Do top-it managers get paid well?

Actually, the average monthly salary of top it managers is around, 55,000 AED however the salary range starts from 30,000 AED to 75,000 AED.

24-Senior Bankers

What is a senior banker? What do senior bankers do?

A bank VP has a basic occupation since they handle huge advances’ huge ventures’ and direct financial patterns and forecasts. If a VP settles on a significant choice’ it can affect the organization’s future for quite a long time.

In case you are hoping to turn into a senior broker,’ you will need to work your direction to the top. Additionally, numerous senior investors have degrees in financial matters and money.

What is the salary of a senior banker?

60,000 AED is the average monthly salary, however, the monthly salary starts from 50,000 AED to 80,000 AED.

25-Bank Manager

What does a bank manager do?

Bank supervisors/managers are responsible for administering the tasks of a bank’s office. They have different obligations’ including meeting deals targets’ keeping staff all around prepared’ and advancing the branch’s items.

There are no set capabilities to turn into a bank supervisor’ yet degrees in business’ money and financial matters are useful.

What is the salary of a bank manager?

25,000 AED is the average monthly salary, however, the Salary range starts from 17,000 AED to 405,000 AED.

26-Data Scientist

What does a data scientist do?

An information researcher/data scientist will check out information and break down it to figure out everything. Different assignments incorporate analyzing the right informational indexes or factors’ gathering enormous informational collections’ and taking a gander at examples and patterns.

In case you are hoping to turn into an information researcher,’ you will have a maths’ software engineering or IT degree. All things considered,’ it stays one of the most incredible best Jobs Openings in Dubai- UAE, So, this is the most demanding jobs in UAE 2021.

What is a data scientist’s salary per month?

35,000 AED is the average monthly salary, however, the salary range starts from 20,000 AED to 40,000 AED.


What do actuaries do on a daily basis?

They work in the protection business’ yet they can work in different ventures. They will examine key information and survey hazard in the business. Subsequently, the work can straightforwardly affect an organization’s primary concern’ which accompanies a major liability.

If you might want this job’ you will need to pass a progression of assessments. These assessments can require as long as seven years’ yet the work can prompt significant compensations.

What is the average salary of an actuary?

The average monthly salary, 50,000 AED however salary range, start from 35,000 AED to 70,000 AED.


What exactly do lawyers do?

As we know that, each business, paying little heed to its industry, will require legitimate exhortation and direction. A few organizations will recruit an in-house legal advisor’ regularly alluded to as the boss lawful official. In addition, organizations will now and again recruit legal advisors dependent upon the situation.

It is a task that needs an undeniable degree of schooling and experience’ and the work is consistently one of the best High Paying Jobs in the Dubai – UAE.

How much do UAE lawyers earn?

However, the salary range starts from 61,000 AED to 100,000 AED.

70,000 AED is the The average monthly salary of layers.


The doctors require long stretches of instruction and preparation before they can rehearse their calling. Thus, doctors frequently get significant compensation, and it’s one of the Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai.

Moreover, a few doctors frequently represent considerable authority in cerebrum infection’ muscles’ veins’ heart confusions’ and nervous system science. In case you are thinking about turning into a specialist in Dubai,’ you will need to finish the permitting and enlistment process.

How much does a doctor earn in Dubai?

The average monthly salary, 70,000 AED moreover, the salary range starts from 15,000 AED to 90,000 AED.


What do pilots do?

Pilots are popular in the UAE due to the country’s status as a worldwide travel center. The aeronautics business proceeds to develop’ and Dubai is home to the world’s most active air terminal.” The work has many advantages including free lodging’ utilities’ and your school mentor expenses. remember that pilots are the best jobs in the UAE.

In case you are hoping to turn into a pilot in the UAE’, So, you will need to attempt different tests and have a pilot’s permit. Furthermore, this permit should fulfill the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Organization. Notwithstanding, it’s one of the Most incredible Paying Jobs in Dubai.

So, these are some highest paying jobs in Dubai 2021, 30 top best jobs in the dubai -UAE with salary packages.