Is It Possible To Do SEO On a Resume? If So, How? Amazing Tips

Are you sending job applications from morning to evening but no interview call or any update? is it possible to do SEO on your resume and get an interview if so how?

Then you are in an uncertain situation, How to write SEO experience in the resume? You don’t have SEO skills resume? What is SEO in the resume? or What is SEO resume format?

Normally you listen to SEO but you don’t have too much SEO knowledge, The SEO resume meaning is (SEO) search engine optimization, major blogger and companies use SEO to boost their sale by increasing the traffic on their website.

So today we will discuss SEO job resume to help you to create SEO optimization resumes so you can get an interview soon and win the job.

What’s The Best Format For Search Engine Optimization Resume Examples?

The recruiter or hr manager takes 30 seconds to review the one resume, so what your think is only 30 seconds then how you can get an interview in this time, but making on-page SEO on your resume you can impress or boost your manager’s attention on your resume.

How Many Basic Resume Formats Are There?

It is a very challenging SEO resume for fresher as well, first, you need to know the formats of the resume and then use the right formats.

In total there are three resume formats:

  1. Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combination

But for SEO purpose chronological formats is best because at the start they will show your current, skills, experience, and education.

You need to pick perfect fonts, and space with white & important thing is the heading that will help to recruiter or hiring manager valuable part of the resume.

Remember to save your SEO resume in pdf formats, and do edit and also proofread not only one time do it again, again” because of accuracy and Grammarly will also help to SEO professional resume.

If you want your resume to stand out read this article as well.

The main purpose is that how you can catch the attention of the hiring managers? so start your resume with an objective, so when do you need to select an objective, and when summary?

If you are fresh and don’t have much SEO experience resume then you need to choose an objective so if you have an SEO resume for one 1-year experience or more then you need to go for a summary resume.

Digital Marketing SEO Resume Summary Sample:


Results-driven Digital Marketing specialist with 5+ years of experience.

Increase your sale from 1 million to 2 million and improve organic search rankings with the right audience selection

Seeking to leverage exemplary project management skills, data analysis skills, and broad technical social media experience.


Digital Marketing Expert with 5+ years experience. Skilled in Google Analytics, admin, and social media marketing

Digital Marketing SEO Resume Objective Sample:


Energetic digital marketing graduate passionate about Internet marketing as well as social media. Skilled in research with strong foundations in internet research. Looking to leverage skills in data analysis and result tracking as a Digital marketing expert at Live CFA.


Inexperienced digital marketing willing to learn and work hard to become a digital marketing expert in your company.

So correct SEO resume for fresher/entry-level display that you have good knowledge and crucifixion in starting a career, Plus, you show the hiring manager how they can profit teaching you much more.

When you are not good at SEO your resume, so your passion will be going to the desk bin as you can see in 2nd example he is asking to teach me everything because don’t have experience in SEO.

How You Can Describe Your Digital Marketing Experience?

So, what the hiring manager actually wants on your resume, now I will discuss with you some points, So you must follow.

1-Reverse-Chronological Order

Describe your professional digital marketing experience starting from your most recent position. Go back in time until the last position relevant to the digital marketing job you’re applying for.

2-Bullets Points

Add up to 5-6 bullet points describing your digital marketing work duties per one entry.

3-Facts and Figures Include

Instead of saying “I will try to boost your sale,” go for “improved organic search rankings from increased sales from 1 million to 2 million.

4-Action Words and Power Verbs

You must use action words and power verbs, Don’t waffle about being “responsible for”. Start your resume bullets with verbs like “superintend,“grow,” and “complete”.

5-Use Keywords From The Job Ad

As you know better the power of keywords more than anyone else. So pick the key from the job posting and stand out your resume to the employer’s expectations. But don’t do it out of context. In resume creating, it doesn’t work either, Once you target the best keywords, be sure to use them (when, where, what, why) in your recent and last job descriptions, as well as in your list of skills.

6-Key Achievements

Help Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Content marketing, Email marketing also in Social media marketing. Increasing website traffic.

7-Eye Catching Headline

For example, if you are looking beautiful and wear a perfect dress and you take the attention of other people and you also make more friends, just use this trick in the headline of your resume

Try to use social media links in your resume to make it stand out, it is also best practice as an SEO, if you have a website or portfolio it will be great attention to the recruiter.

For example, LinkedIn is a professional,l mostly managers check you staus on it and other social media ass weel, check your behavior, community, and activities.

You can use relevant hyperlinks as well it will boost your readability and it will help to rank your resume in search engines, like your article, blog links, etc related to your field.

So, as we discuss above points just apply SEO on a resume as per your field or what skills and expertise you have then you can make stand your resume and you will be able to attract a recruiter or hiring manager to yourself.


How Do I Put SEO On My Resume?

  • Introduce yourself with a header in your resume
  • Always write a resume summary or objective
  • Make the List of your work experience
  • Also, share your skills
  • Putt education and training
  • You must proofread your resume

Can We Use Keywords In Resume?

Yes, you can use but you know about keywords, such as expertise, abilities, skills & traits recruiters, and hiring managers look for in a candidate. Keywords must be related to your job nouns that describe your hard and soft skills and qualifications as well.

What Are Buzzwords Or Keywords In A Resume?

The Top Ten Most Overused Resume Buzzwords are listed below that can help you to make stand out your resume

  • Experienced
  • Leadership
  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Expert
  • Skilled

How Many Keywords Should Be In A Resume?

A good and simple answer is 25-30 keywords.

What Skills Do I Put On A Resume?

Below are top key skills you should put in your resume:

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Communication
  • Creativity

What Is A Power Word In A Resume?

Resume power words are words or phrases that will help a job candidate’s resume to make stand out from the rest candidates.