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Amazing Tips to Get More Orders On the Fiverr Freelancing Platform

8 Tricky Ways To Get More Order On Fiverr Freelancing Platform
8 Tricky Ways To Get More Order On Fiverr Freelancing Platform

Are you a freelancer and doing freelancing on Fiverr but are you wondering that how to get more orders?

Especially, for the new sellers, it is very difficult to get your first order on Fiverr, as a freelancer here I will help you “how to get more buyer requests on Fiverr”.

After reading this blog post’ you will be more sure of your prosperity on Fiverr. You will know “how to get the order on Fiverr quickly” “how to place an order on Fiverr” “how to get clients on Fiverr as a beginner” and much more.

What is Fiverr and how does it work?

Before we start that how to get the order on Fiverr as a new seller we must know about Fiverr first if you knew.

Fiverr is a freelancing websites, and Fiverr headquarter is in Israel there are two parties involved and buyer and nd seller.

So, the buyer is the client and the seller will be a freelancer, if you are a freelancer you must Fiverr sign up as a freelancer after that every time you need to “Fiverr sign in” but don’t worry if your new you can more article on our website go to freelancing and select Fiverr.

So, Let’s start:

1-Unique Servive

In this world now the competition is everywhere so also there is competition on freelancing platforms, especially on Fiverr.

So, if you give unique services on the Fiverr freelancing platform and your competitors still don’t know about these services.

But, remember that competition always depends on competitors and demand for skills/services that’s why if you start to provide unique services then you have to chance to get more orders on the Fiverr freelancing platform.

So, that you can select job categories that are low competitive for this you need to check that how many gigs are available in those specific categories.

2-Start At Low Rate

One of the vest and unique tips I want to share with you no one will tell you.

As a freelancer, I know that every freelancer on a freelancing platform especially on Fiverr wants to get more orders but they never prefer at a low rate.

But, the freelancer who doesn’t care about the rate they want only order at any price so those are one will get more orders every day.

You can also see that there are many Fiverr gigs that are providing services at a cheap rate.

But new sellers or everyone wants to get their first order and more important is the first review, money is not enough if you want to rank your gig you must-have review as well so always try to give cheap rate and pure services.

Many buyers visit the Fiverr freelancing platform to find low rates so you have a 99.9% chance to get your first or more orders if you’re providing a low rate.

Never Do This Mistake:

The lowest rate on Fiverr is 5$ but it depends on the services that you providing if your task is not easy like developing a WordPress website than don’t ask for only 5$ it makes no sense, that’s why fix a reasonable rate.

3-Promote Your Fiverr Gig

As we know the power of social media platforms, social media is an excellent tool for promoting anything.

That’s, why I recommend to you, share your Fiverr Gigs on your social media account it will help you to get your first order on Fiverr.

For this, you need to have all your social media account if no than no one will share your Fiverr gigs with you.

Because Fiverr itself allows you to share gigs on social media.

Follow below some points on how you can use your social media account effectively to share your Fiverr Gigs.

  • Make Your Business Account On All Social Media Platforms
  • Share Your Project On Business Pages
  • Design Your Portfolio
  • Join Related Groups
  • Share Your Complete Project
  • Build Network
  • Convert Your Network/Audience To Buy Your Services

I recommend to you Create your account on the listed below social media platform

  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Pinterest

How to get your first order on Fiverr quora? one of the best social media platforms is quora to help you get fast orders on Fiverr freelancing.

Just ask a question or give the answer then see the result.

4-Capture By Fiverr Gigs With Videos and Images

The first impression is the last impression that’s why the Fiverr gigs, videos, and images are the buyer’s first impression.

By using eye-catching images and videos you can capture many clients on the Fiverr freelancing platform.

When you make video or images than follow below poinst to get 100% result.
  • Do not Use Stolen Images and Videos From Other Fiverr Sellers
  • Eye-catchy and Smoothly Fiverr Images or Videos
  • Describe Your Fiverr Description In Video
  • Professional Fiverr Gig Image or Video
  • Use Your Main keywords in Images
  • Don’t Make Long Video Max 1 Mins
  • Never Tell Your Life Story in Video
  • Keep Smile In Video

5-Professional Fiverr Gig Descption

Your first impression is video and image and the second is Fiverr gig description.

Your Fiverr gig descption must be:
  • Professional
  • Straightforward
  • Smoothly
  • Extraordinary
  • Call To Action
  • Ask Question
  • Portfolio Link

How to receive order on Fiverr? the answer is that if you make your Fiverr gig as per the above-listed points then you can receive orders on Fiverr very quickly.

6-Stay Online

Always be active on your Fiverr freelancing account if you stay online maximum your time then it will increase the opportunity to more orders on Fiverr.

But, don’t worry about this because you can download the Fiverr app on your mobile phone and stay online in the background.

If you stay online then Fiverr will promote your gigs.

Buyers don’t have time to wait sometimes they just filter and check who is online and place the order directly so get benefit from this opportunity.

As you can see above here is an online seller option with only 48 services available it’s mean very low competition so, excellent chance to get more orders on the Fiverr freelancing platform if you stay online.

7-Send 10 Buyers Request

It is very important to send buyer request, try to get your fisr or more order on Fiverr freelancing platfrom.

Everyday (24hour) you have 10 chance to send buyer request.

The Fiverr give you free 10 buyer request.

Always begginer seller on Fiverr freelancing platfrom make huge mistake when they send buyer requuest, they never win the project becuase they didnot understand buyer need.

What they do they just make one descption and every time they send same to evrry cleints.

I want to share some points just fouc during sending the buyer request:
  • Send your onlline portfolio link
  • Ask the question from buyer
  • Sahre your experience
  • Start with buyer name
  • Make it short

Also, keep in mind when your send request just check how many request they received before just send offer whih one have only fewer offers.

And send your rate less then buyer budget.

If you dint see any buyer request dont worry just refresh it its happedn if your begginer.

8-Target Your Right Audience

What skills do you have?and where you want to sell them? are your targeting right audience?

So, it is very important to know who you want to sell your servicess on Fiverr freelancing platfrom.

Below listed question will help you to ideal target audience:
  • What is the demographics of your target audience? (Location, Address, Age, Cloir etc).
  • What are their concerns? & how you can address them effectivelly?
  • What client looking for?


So, remeber that dont take it easy when you start freelancing on Fiverr platfrom and use our abve all tips the only one tip or technique will not help you to get your first or more order on Fiverr. How to get first order on fiverr 2021? so after reading this blog post hope you will get answer of your all question like, How to get order from buyer?how much time it takes to get first order on Fiverr? If you have any question ask the beloow in comments we wil answer you.