How To Make Your Resume a PDF File?

How To Make Your Resume a PDF File?

This is necessary that you should have your resume file in PDF its depend on company requirement, you can check in the job description whatever company formate require.

So, finally, you have to check job requirements if they mention resume in PDF then save it PDF.

If another format like doc then saves in the document, so In case if they didn’t mention it then it depends on you save any format.

The study says that most job seekers/candidates feel fine saving their resumes in a PDF file.

So, if you are a job seeker then it is up to you that how you want to save just save it.

But when you apply for any job just check the first description to identify the resume format file.

So, today in this blog post discuss in detail, how to make my resume into a pdf? or how to make a resume in pdf format? almost all questions related to this will be clear after reading this post.

Benefits Of Resume In PDF File

How to create a pdf resume and what are the benefits of it, there are many benefits for making your resume in PDF file.

No one can edit your resume file in PDF.

Impossible to change the layout if you save your resume in a PDF file

Sometimes recruiters have some issue with Microsoft word if you save your resume in a PDF file then anyone can open it.

If you have any mistake, Grammarly, etc. then it will not highlight if your resume is saved in Microsoft Word Format, it will show red spell check to underline.

How To Make Your Resume a PDF File?
As you can see in this picture red lines show something is wrong there

How To Make a Resume a PDF?

Before we start how to make a resume pdf format make sure that your resume is ready in word format.

It is a very easy and simple way to save your resume in PDF, Microsoft Word.

Step One: How To Prepare Resume PDF

First, you have an open word document and go to the top left corner and select file, now you can see a drop-down menu here

Step Two: How To Make a Good Resume PDF

In the second option as you can see in the above picture in the dropdown menu, there is a “Save As” pick out this option it will bring you to change your resume file in PDF.

Step Three: How To Make My Resume a PDF File

After selecting the as save option now you have to select the format option,

Step Four:

So now you need to scroll down you can see PDF just select it.

Step Five:

Now click and save or export, it will show you on the right side now where you want to save it on PC or in Google Doc if you want to print then.

If you want to print Control+P select at the same time.

Hope now you understand step by step as we discuss five steps only with you.